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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with pinless bridges, such as those used by Takamine or Breedlove on some of their guitars.    I'm considering a Takamine 12 string with a pinless bridge and curious about the durability of these types of bridges, particularly with the added pressure of 6 extra strings.   Or if I need to stick with a more traditional pinned bridge.     

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I have a 2009 Ovation Standard Balladeer with a pinless bridge. This guitar is solid and always in tune when it comes out of the case. At 12 years old it is in great shape. I have to put down a post it note next to the bridge while putting on new strings to prevent scratching. Ovation has used pinless bridges for decades. 

Takamine and Breedlove are quality manufacturers so I would not expect issues. Takamine thinks pinless is good enough for its Pro series so that should tell you something.

If you search you will find a lot of opinions. Traditionalist will want to believe the other design is inferior.  


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I've had two Ovation Elites and a Breedlove 12-string in the past, and currently have two Breedlove six strings. Never had any problems with any of them, and I think the pinless bridge is a great design. Like Randy, I protect the top behind the bridge when I change strings, but I use the cardboard string packaging.

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Thanks Mike and Randy for the feedback.    Yes, you get all sorts of opinions on the discussion boards.    Glad that we have this forum to share some first hand experiences.      

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