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  • TrueFire Rhythm Jamboree Sale

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    Steve often says "Learn All You Can".  And on more than one occasion we have talked on here about TrueFire courses as a means to that end. 

    TrueFire currently has what they call their "Rhythm Jamboree" sale in progress. Lot's of their great courses on sale for 20% off.  Go have a look.

    What I always find interesting at TrueFire sales are their "$5 Downloads".  As the title implies the course is only available as a download.  There is no option for a DVD version,  But the normally $29 course is available for $5.  

    I just picked up Rob Garland's The Guitarist's Pentathlon for that $5. 

    During the sale the sale items rotate every hour.  So it doesn't hurt to check back routinely if you're hoping for a particular course to go on sale.

    Happy Shopping!

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    Yup good stuff.

    I picked up a Jeff Mcerlain course Blues Rock Soloing back in January,  I'm almost done on the last lick to smooth out

    And in the Oct RockTober sale picked up another $5 blues-rock course Gary Hoey Blue Rock Reactor "powerful rythm and soloing" course I need to start.

    I download the whole course for full "offline " viewing in thier app, on my desktop, laptop and my tablet 

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    Yep, @Eracer_Team-DougH.  What have you got to lose?!  Well, other than the $5.🤔  And you're probably getting tired of me talking about the cruise, but we saw Gary Hoey for the first time there.  We had never even heard of him before then.  What an awesome player.  I hope that you will report back on how he is as an instructor.

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    not  sure how fast I can give you an update on the Gary Hoey course. I seem to be a 'slow learner' and I no longer do my lunch time car practice due to work overload and don't do my Saturday van practice since covid as the malls basically shutdown so the wife doesn't shop like she used to .

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    And I just picked up Robbie Calvo's Rhythm Craft.  It looks really interesting and covers rhythm in a lot of different genres.  It seems like I always just look at blues stuff and this is going to be more broad based.

    "In this new course we are going to learn the art of great rhythm guitar playing in a variety of popular styles. For each genre we'll be looking at standard progressions, typical rhythms for that style, chord vocabulary and some stylized tricks of the trade. We'll look at making simple chords sound more interesting by adding additional voices. We'll take simple chords and invert them to add variety and movement. What is a slash chord and why should you care? Well, when you see and hear how easy and powerful changing a bass note is under your chords you are going to beg me for more! I'll give you a multitude of ideas on how to create great overdub or second guitarist parts for your band or song arrangements. Think about the layers and textures created in the studio by bands like Def Leppard, Boston, or even Eric Clapton. The studio session cats all know the secret to how smaller guitar parts layered together create amazing arrangements in pop and rock music and I'll show you how. Rhythm Craft is an easy and concise musical approach to making you the rhythm guitarist you should and will want to be. I'll even throw in some great applied harmony and theory as we go along which will open doors and windows for you in such an enlightening way. Let's get cracking on this course so that you can take your Rhythm Craft to a groovy new level "

    I repeat, for $5?

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    Thanks for the heads up.  Steve had sent me the Fingerboard Breakthrough by Howard Morgan.  That one is tough, really useful!  When I installed it Truefire sent me a 2 week free access.  In that time I was able to complete Jeff McErlain's Take 5  Blues Arpeggios and the Pentatonic Deep Dive.  Both are great courses.  I tried one by Matt Schofield Blues Speak but he was way over my head.  I started the Take 5 Uptown Blues Soloing, but ran out of time for the 2 weeks.  I just purchased 4 more of the $5 courses and they are downloading now...2 by Jeff McErlain, 1 by Pete Hutlinger and 1 by James Hogan.  That should keep me busy for the next month or so.  LOL

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    Oh man, I think I would like that one on Rhythm Craft also.  How was that one Matonanjin?  I am more interested in learning more than aquiring new toys.  ...On second thought I like new toys too.  Maybe a Focusrite 2i2 will show up for Christmas.  LOL 

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    @ShadowBoxer86 I am similar to @Eracer_Team-DougH and the Gary Hoey course; in that I don't know when I'll be able to give a report.  I haven't even unpacked it yet! 

    And, oh yeah, I did gave Santa a suggestion of

    Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019


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