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Hello guys. 
I have a Fender SA-105CE. Been playing it for 4 years. Today i noticed a small gap in the middle part of the bridge and guitar body. 
now I know that its a simple repair which any guitar repair expert can do. But since there is lockdown, I can’t get it repaired. So my question is should I keep playing it or Should I de-string the guitar and keep it till repaired? I have attached a photo. It’s difficult to see. Mostly its on the middle part. The sides are still glued to the body. 


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I had the same last year on my 12-string. The repairer was busy and called me in 4 months to say he was available. I carried on playing. I am not sure of the wisdom of that and as no two guitars are the same, I would not not to say yours will be alright just because mine was.

If it is your only guitar (and so you cannot play another), detuning it by a semitone would relieve the tension to some extent.

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Yes it’s the only guitar I have ☹️
I feel bad because I was making good progress on barre chords after a long time and if I stop playing now all the momentum will be lost. 

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Posted (edited)

Could be a larger issue with the top, warpage too.

You being in India might be a bit tricky to find a repair shop anyway. 

The bridge could (and probably) will tear off the guitar,  question is when.

You might be dealing with heat and humidity issues with your environment. 

I'd watch as many YouTube videos as I could and learn about the repair while searching for a good repair person 

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Yup that’s true. Especially in my city it would be like searching for a needle in a hay sack. 
Now that you have mentioned. It could be the environment, since its may and its getting 42 degree Celsius so it could be affecting the glue. 


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42°C should be alright, so long as the relative humidity is not too high - ideally 45% but up to 60% will be fine. When it gets to 70% here I lock all my guitars in their cases.

Avoid letting the sun shine directly on your guitar and especially not through a window (a pane of glass).

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You could tune it down a 1/2 step to Eb, of whole step to D to reduce the string tension and just play it until you find a luthier to look at it. You coulalso contact Fender for advice. 

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Good suggestions.  I didn't see any mention of strings gauge you are using?  I see where medium strings can be too much for the luthier's intended design and cause lifting.  Just a thought...but you could also ease the tension between playing sessions to buy time.

Good luck in getting it resolved,


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