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Session 5 - Basic Open Chords

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6 hours ago, Ionut said:

Thank you. But just to be clear, I've attached an image with an example exercise. My question is: should I keep holding the Dm chord when doing the last Up strum (the one circled in the image)?

To do this example exercise at 60 bmp, you should be able to change between Dm and G at 120 bmp. And I don't think I'll do this very soon.
Steve does say that you should not release the chord on the last Down strum, but does not say anything about the Up strums.


You should hold the chord until after the upstroke, then change from G to Dm ready for the downbeat.  If you're having trouble changing chords that quickly at 120bpm, just slow it down to say 60 bpm and practice that chord change over and over, until it becomes 2nd nature, then gradually increase the speed BPM. You'll get it  eventually!

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Hey everyone, I recently started session 5 (I thought I'd never complete session 4. lol). I'm enjoying it but I find its challenging playing the chords that are not 6 string chords. For example, the C chord is a five string chord. Its hard to consistently hit five strings and avoid the 6. 

Any tips on this?

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