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  1. I have been working on Session 6 for a couple weeks and am taking my time. My memory in general is pretty good, but the addition of the Major Sevenths and Suspended Chords to all the others seems to have slowed me down a bit. I've kept the respective chord charts in front of me whenever I play and slowly a couple of them are sticking a little better. I'm not loving Dm7, but once in a while it sounds good. <LOL> Hopefully I will feel ready for the workshop soon. I realize Session 7's barre chords are going to be even more challenging, so it's probably best to solidify Session 6 first.
  2. @Randy Breeding I recently completed Session 4 myself, and it is a big one compared to the first 3. Take your time to absorb the material. Learning to play an instrument not unlike learning a language and it doesn't happen overnight. There are skilled musicians who never have learned how to read music, but I can tell you from personal experience that once those notes on the page could be "translated", a whole new world opened up for me. Enjoy the journey!
  3. I'm happy to report that I am almost ready to move on to Session 6. My L & M Course set included the Bonus Workshops and that went quite well yesterday. I typically go through everything at least twice. There are a couple chords - like C7 and Dm - that need more polish in the tone department, but am pleased that each day I see others that "suddenly" behave. Tried doing 'A' alternately as a barre chord and was amazed that I could. (No illusions about the other barre chords being that triumphant, however!) I kept confusing the shapes for Dm and D7, then developed a memory trick for myself: "Dm is the weird-shaped one." Thankfully, no one hears me talking myself through the process when I practice...
  4. @Magnit- That is an interesting design. (Is it comfortable?) Unfortunately, I am in the United States. @Randy120 I hope to be able to find something suitable at a yard sale...or Facebook Marketplace. I tried an adjustable stool that we have in the house, but because it's on wheels, it was too squirrely for me.
  5. @NeilS335 - I have been playing piano for 12 years (I started quite late in Life, there, as well). It goes without saying that despite other challenges the piano presents, I haven't had to worry about the instrument moving on me!
  6. @Eracer_Team-DougH I play acoustic guitar; I will try the strap I bought earlier and hope that relieves my slippin' and slidin' guitar while watching instructional DVDs. Another thing contributing to the struggle is not having found the right chair to practice in yet. My other half recently bought a Taylor GS Mini (which I suspect will be played more by me than him...so far, that is the case) and I am comfortable with the Mini while sitting on the sofa. It's smaller than my OM or GA -and lighter. But - I think the sofa location is helpful as well. Until I figure it out (or get a special chair,) it sounds like the strap is a solution. I'm doing well with my Learn & Master Course and would like to play a little longer occasionally. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and suggestions. P.S. I only recognize Roy Clark, so I guess that dates me considerably.
  7. Thank you both for taking the time to respond. It does seem that part of the problem stems from keeping the guitar in place, so I will try using a strap to tame the beast and remove that issue from the equation. I wish I could stand for longer periods, but unfortunately cannot.
  8. Hello! I have been playing a short time and want to be sure I learn to position myself correctly to avoid injury. Today I noticed (while working on open chords) that my left forearm started to bother me. I don't have arthritis or other issues, but I am an older beginner. I'm still at the stage where I probably press with more force on the strings than might be necessary. Is some discomfort normal at first until the muscles in the hand and arm develop? My practice sessions can be anywhere from a half hour to an hour, but I am not being "intense" the entire time. I'm still trying different chairs, etc. to see what is going to work best. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  9. @pkotof I agree about some chord shapes "sticking" more easily than others. There is a lot of material in Session 5 but this is going to really broaden the horizons. (Until I get to barre chords, that is.) RE: Parlor guitars, I think the OM is as small as I personally want to go. My Grand Auditorium is a nice size for me and the OM just a little more compact overall. That said, the Furch OM-CM has a great tone and should open up nicely over time. It was a leap of faith as I hadn't played it, but I am quite pleased with it. The Yamaha is not a huge dread, but large enough for me to know that wasn't the direction I wanted to go in.
  10. @DaveWhite - Thank you! The Furch was delivered just before the weekend. I am impressed with the craftsmanship and the warm tone of the cedar and mahogany. I think I'm really going to enjoy it.
  11. I can't be the only person working on Session 5...can I? (Maybe I am just the only one checking in?) Anyway, I started over the weekend and am having fun with it. I'd learned a few chords before this, but it's great to have more of a "menu" to choose from. Some are trickier than others, but I have seen some improvement in a short time.
  12. Hello from Massachusetts! A few years ago I started the Learn & Master Guitar course with good intentions, high hopes... and a smattering of music background from several years of piano lessons. However, I also had a demanding job with a grueling commute and little time to devote to yet another hobby. Now retired -with even more piano instruction under my belt - my music reading skills have improved dramatically. I've found that skill to be a game-changer this time around. I'm nearly done with Session 4 and look forward to the next adventure. I have a vintage Yamaha dread and a lovely Walden Grand Auditorium -which I play alternately. It's great to have an online resource where other guitarists can share ideas and tips.
  13. When I first purchased the course a few years ago I was still working full-time and unfortunately did not get through Session 4. Now that I am retired...I have started over, reviewed Sessions 1 through 3 with little problem and am also getting through Session 4 more easily than the first time. (Being able to read music has helped a lot.) It helps me to shut the DVD off and work through the rough spots on my own without getting frustrated about keeping up. Then I try working with the DVD after practicing on my own. Don't worry about projected time frames; you will get there.
  14. Thank you, matonanjin! I have a background in piano - which has expanded greatly since my first attempt at guitar. I'm already seeing some flattening of the learning curve - and hope it continues.
  15. I started the Learn and Master Course about 7 years ago, but work and Life got in the way of me being diligent with it. Now that I am retired I have picked it up again. I plan to alternate the lessons with a variety of things I have found on YouTube. Especially with everything going on in the world....It's now or never.

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