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Steve Krenz

[GG19] Russ Barenberg's coming to Guitar Gathering 2019!

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Russ Barenberg GG19.jpg

Hey all,

It's been an exciting day on the Guitar Gathering conference front.

I'm excited to announce that we've officially confirmed that Russ Barenberg will be leading a workshop and playing for the evening concert!

Russ is one of my favorite guitar players on the planet. 

He has the ability to touch the strings and make your heart feel emotion.

I'd trade every fast lick I know to be able to play a simple chord progression and have the emotional impact that Russ has on the listener.

Russ has played on countless things.  Here are a few...

If you've ever been watching the Ken Burns documentary "The Civil War" and melted at the gorgeous guitar playing throughout it - that's Russ.



If you've watched the acclaimed BBC series "The Transatlantic Sessions" with guests like James Taylor and Allison Krause and wondered who was playing guitar - that's Russ.



Or maybe you've caught him in one of his legendary nights at a small club here in Nashville...



I look forward to hearing his music once again.

See you at the Gathering! 


- Steve




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Wow - wow - wow!

It is looking like this conference may top last year's conference (which was the best conference ever)!

Heading to Nashville in 75 days!

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Great! I am looking forward to seeing and learning from him! 

I just saw Molly Tuttle here a few nights ago, she is so sweet and engaging and a brilliant brilliant player too. I know she's got an album coming out now and will probably be on the road, but would love to see her at a future Gathering. 

Also, someone give me Will MacFarlane's phone number so I can pressure him to come back :D


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