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  1. Here's the deal: I've been playing and singing music for many years. In the past I've played clarinet (a few months), trumpet (a few months), treble clef baritone horn (4 years), and now guitar. I've been singing bass for over 30 years (although right now sinus problems have just about squelched my singing). I pretty much already know the notes in all the scales in the Major Scale Mastery Level 1. I read music (treble clef with no problems, bass clef not too well - I've mostly worked in the treble clef most of my instrument-playing life.) I've taken one Music Theory class back in high school w
  2. Thank you, Dave! BTW, I consider myself almost as much a North Carolinian as I am a Virginian. My mother and 3 brothers all live in Mt. Airy. I'm down there about once a month.
  3. Well, it is good to be back on the forums again. This is my first visit to them after being away for at least a year (still on the old LMG format however long ago that was). I love the new format. It is so much more professional looking. I also see familiar handles. Hoping to chat with more old friends. Many thanks, Steve, for believing in us, encouraging us, teaching us, and putting together a site and group like this!
  4. Had it for a couple of weeks now, but have acquired a new Squier Classic Vibe Tele (buttercream). After a couple of tweaks (it apparently got banged around in shipping - see below) I love it. Of course I had to promise the missus I'd sell something to have money towards the new ax so I sold my red Squier Standard Strat to a good friend (who also does guitar repair work for me and did the tweaks to my Tele when it wouldn't tune correctly and had a low E string buzz). I'll see the Strat again, however, because my pal loves it so much he's going to use it on a regular basis (it's his go-to guitar
  5. I have the Agility workout and both of the fretboard learning workouts. Should the agility workout be completed first before going to the first fretboard workout or can they be done in parallel?
  6. I have a new Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster. It was hard to tune and was buzzing on the low E / 6th string until the truss rod was adjusted 1/8th of a turn, the saddle for that buzzing string adjusted slightly, and strings replaced (Ernie Ball Super Slinky). Those problems are gone. Now, however, when I check the tuning an octave above the open string, every string is about a nickel sharp. How do I fix this?

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