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  1. @Joao Peneda Nice post. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Life happens, and we never not Wharton’s fate will bring us next week. I think the main question is “Are you having fun learning and playing guitar?” I find guitar very hard to learn — I’m only starting session 8 as I continue to struggle with chord transitions. I’m having a great time, though! I do think that completing L&M Guitar will let me do wonderful things. This isn’t the first instrument I’ve learned and having previewed the entire book, it’s phenomenal. But, completing all the sessions is secondary to enjoying the journey. Take your time, learn what you can when you can, and relax.
  2. @Steve Krenz suggests on one of the DVD lessons for Session 7 acoustic players consider switching to lighter strings to make learning Barre chords easier. I put Elixir extra lites on my Takamine GD93 Friday. It was a great suggestion. Sounds great and It easier just a bit easier. I do get a little buzz on low E low notes if I don’t get my finger closer to the fret, but that’s probably good practice anyway.
  3. @matonanjin @pkotof He will be missed. Great tunes for so many decades, and I can’t even guess how many times I listened to Devil Goes Down to Georgia. Sometimes over and over till my mom turned him off.
  4. Keeping going on Session 7. Slowly getting that index finger strong and straight. Found the secret that the finger shape for F and 4 finger open C is the same which makes that chord change nice. Maybe nobody talks like that and says 4 finger open C. Like Home On the Range and it’s a good one for learning to sing and play at the same time. I think one more week and it’s on to 5 string Barre chords.
  5. That’s a good video @NeilES335 And very long..... Long..... I bought a Fender Mustang GTX this week. I’ve been watching tons of videos and doing hours of research on amps. However, you never learn much till you do something yourself. I choose the Mustang because it gave me the chance to learn a lot for a reasonable price. Lots of modeled amps built in and all fully adjustable as the models on which they’re based. And effects, of course. While it’s just DSP, it sounds good enough I think to help me discover my sound. Maybe that will help keep me focused on my guitar.
  6. I started session 7 last week. I’ve not quite got my open chord transitions as clean as I want yet and continue to work on them. It will take quite awhile to get that left index finger strong enough to play barre chords well. So I’m just working on the shapes and the exercises on that first page. Steve’s new workout series on barre chords was really good and is a great new companion to this session.
  7. @Eracer_Team-DougH I did! The deluxe version with the workbook videos. The workbook PDF is superb and I like Steve's intro to each of those sessions. I also like the extra material Gibson put on the DVDs, too. And its fun to use the play along CDs. I use them on my home stereo but I also ripped them so I can play from a portable speaker with my phone. The whole program -- the free lesson and workbook PDFs, the video course, the Guitar Gathering community, and the live sessions -- is so good and so effective.
  8. Great article, Steve! Part of the journey is to enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s easy to practice consistently when you keep the challenge fun. One resource I’ve found to help keep me focused on that guitar is a continuous journey is Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo.
  9. I’m glad you found a new home for these. I’ve been buying the series on Kindle. Not a great representation but good enough to read.
  10. I am learning guitar because music is magic and I want to know it and feel it and share it with those I love. Eighteen months ago I found I had late stage colon cancer. That has a way of quickly making you really understand what you find important in life. For me, I found music was foundational. My number one priority other than to treat my cancer was to listen to my music and to rip as much as I could to FLAC so I could hear it more. Something I found during convalescence from surgeries is it’s really important to do something new. To keep my adventure going. Last time, I choose to start to learn guitar and to bake. And then COVID came along to keep me home. I wanted to memorize and play my favorite songs, maybe even sing. We had a little 3/4 classical Hondo and started with that. I stumbled onto L&M and just loved the PDF lesson book. I wasn’t new to playing music — had played saxophone, piano, and violin at various stages in life. I had tried guitar first but it’s a hard go for a six year old. I found I really liked it this time around 50 years later. Two months in I got a Takamine GD93CE and I’m absolutely addicted. Just starting barre chords — again. When I switched to the huge dreadnaught from that little nylon thing, I basically had to relearn everything again. I’m doing well and have beat the cancer, at least for now. I’m looking forward to extended RV trips and playing along the way. Really getting to know my favorite music on a new level.

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