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  1. I seem to be leaning towards the Boss Katana 50. Looks like a much easier amp to use than the 2 I mentioned.
  2. Well that pretty much explains it, thanks for info folks, greatly appreciated.
  3. I tried to recover my password on the old site but finally just said the heck with it. Just set up a new account here,.
  4. I have got ask, what happened to the Learn&Master forum? How did this forum come about. I have been wondering about this for awhile. Just have to ask.
  5. I am condisering 2 amps, Mucstang GT 40 and the VOX VT 20X. Both seem quite capable of doing a lot more than I need in this stage of my learning but I like the idea having choices. Opinions of either of these 2 would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I thought some may find this cheat sheet on the circle of fifths of interest. music-theory-cheat-sheet.pdf
  7. Picked this up yesterday. Squire Afinity Telecaster. I was surprised how well it plays. Action is just the way I like it and the innotation is right on. Actually I bought this as travel guitar for when we go on vacation. Been playing it for the last hour and it looks it will be used on a regular basis.
  8. Interesting amp, might be just what I am looking for.
  9. I’ve used the VOX AC30 mini for sometime now. I find it perfect for practicing and not disturbing anyone around. Definitely worth a try.
  10. I was just at a local guitar store playing around with the guitar above. The neck seems a little shorter tha a Strat. I do like the feel of the neck. Any opinions on this guitar would be welcome also what mods would anyone suggest.
  11. Just starting this, looks to be a lot of fun
  12. Happy Birthday, enjoy your present.
  13. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I do know how you feel, I had some sever damage to my right arm and shoulder while on deployment about 13 years ago and could even hold a guitar for loots 2 years. Be patient , follow the doctors instruction, you will be back playing before you know it.

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