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    Wow...that '64 Strat, though...
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    Most of you probably haven't heard of John Kilzer. I wouldn't have except a local PBS station plays a weekly show called "Beale Street Caravan" and that show played the song below, "Sleeping in the Rain", and I really liked it. He was scheduled to play the Beale Street Music Festival in May. I did a very brief study of him and what an interesting guy. A basketball star, PhD English professor, then rock star, then alcoholic, then recovery, then minister. The Memphis paper has an good story about him. The bottom line is, to me anyway, here is a guy that used his music for good. Apparently he died very suddenly at 62. An interesting YouTube story about him here:
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    Thank you @Eracer_Team-DougH@NeilES335 Neil, for my recordings I have a 14 channel mixer. It is made by soundcraft and is able to record directly to my software. The software or DAW I use is Studio one 3.5 artist. As far as recording all the parts, I mic up real drums most of the times, however on some cases i use a drum pad if the drum parts are not that complicated. The pad is just too slow for me. How i record the drums, I make a recording of the original song in my DAW and play along with the song. Then i record the bass and that is plugged in to my amp and i use the direct outs on the line 6 amp. then it goes to my mixer which i can EQ it before it is sent to the DAW which that then is also EQ. I don't add any plugins for the bass parts. I try to keep it simple. Acoustic guitar, I mic up and use the direct outs on the amp and mix them later. I add Reverb,eq,compression,etc... Electric guitar, I used 71 fender tele, its got a great sound for the old school country songs. the amp is a Line 6 and i use the built in affects. That is mic'd in front of the speaker and i also use the direct outs and mix the two later. I don't use plugins that much. I try to keep the sound pretty raw. I'll add different eq's and compression that came with my DAW. That's it basically, hope it helps. Danny
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    That 's really well done @Texaspackerfan Danny! Could you tell us a bit about your recording process? Did you use a drum machine or plugin on a DAW? Did you mic an amp for the guitar parts or play direct into a DAW (which one?) and what plug in in. Thanks and congrats. Neil
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    @Texaspackerfan Sounds pretty good to me Danny.

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