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At first I thought this forum format for Guitar Gathering was temporary and “Learn and Master Guitar” would be phased out and Steve would have something completely new. Guitar Gathering is reaching  5 years  and number of beginners using the learn and master guitar courses and this forum have dwindled.  Perhaps that’s  why the Learn and Master course sections 1-20 sessions have been left dangling in a confusing format. 






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Only Steve knows what "statue of limitations " there is to Legacy Learn and Master Guitar course. 

Steve has not been in Legacy since around 2015-ish

Steve of course created Guitar Gathering site for a his students to Gather and enjoy learning guitar together. 

Legacy appears to be bailing on all the Learn and Master courses,  since there is no longer a support website for them, and is only off loading the quantity of stock of courses.

But since he (Steve) hasn't "dusted" off the scripts and created an updated GG Master Guitar series would suggest there must be something. 

Only Steve knows. 

As for the disorganized or confusing lesson lists, well it's the way this forum sorts things.

There are 3 unpaid volunteers that help moderate the forum and when personal time allows,  re-org the sections 

But most are listed in sequence of how people post. New to old except if there is a subject "pinned" to the top

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Guitar Gathering site was never meant to be a temporary one. It was created as a successor to the old site that had been neglected by Legacy Learning Systems. They thought they had a better idea by creating a new platform on their “crowdguitar dot com” website. Well…, that domain is now for sale. Obviously it wasn’t as successful as they thought it would be.

But you’re right, the number of beginners using the L&MG courses and this forum have dwindled. I guess it’s simply the nature of things. Although the courses are still available, they don’t seem to be promoted as much. In addition, there is a fierce competition out there, and a lot more good quality courses become available.

Steve has changed focus as well. He does YouTube lessons, workouts, puts out mini-courses, etc. I’m aware of these things, but I don’t really follow Steve any more. To me, it’s just too much of the same old stuff in a new setting. Although Steve does attempt to enhance the material he presents, the nuts and bolts approach is still there. Don’t take it as sheer criticism. I simply have a more esoteric taste.

As for the forum, the beginners usually don’t have much to say except for an occasional question. The old-timers eventually disperse, especially if there’s nothing interesting to engage in, and get busy with their own guitar learning paths. If it wasn’t for the “Recording Challenge” the site might be completely dead. I guess the solution to inactivity would be hiring someone, or someone volunteering to scout the Internet for guitar/music related information and post it on a regular basis.

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