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I've seen photos that give the impression that Jimi Hendrix could play the guitar with his teeth. I have also read that he didn't and it was just a fake stage act. Nothing  more than some Hammer-ons and pull-offs with his mouth near the strings. I find it hard to believe he could, so I say "Smoke and Mirrors".


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Not 100% sure, but read an article in Guitar Player magazine a few years ago and it mentioned this "technique" and that it was not recommended.  But that he DID actually  play with his teeth.  There were some other Live videos where he did this, and it was a bit rough  sounding as far as "clean" playing. And it's probably attributed to using his teeth.

Remember, way back in the late 60s and early 70s, he was something totally new and unique and was doing things others never even considered.  (and, yes, I had a Strat in the 70s and tried to do this......it worked but partially chipped the inside of one of my teeth. Mom said she'd kill me if I broke a tooth "pulling a stunt like that" again.

needless to say, all my teeth remain in good condition!

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