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  1. I recently started having shoulder pain. Turns out I have a partially torn rotater cuff and the doc said it was from a particular move I make while playing sitting down, then reading forward as when I reach to turn a page in a music book. Solution? Therapy to regain movement and strength. AND! Holding the guitar in a more Classical position, over the left leg instead of the right. it allows my shoulder to hang in a more natural position. Also, I don't know if you ever watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but the house band, The Roots, has a guitarist, "Captain" Kirk Douglas,
  2. Not 100% sure, but read an article in Guitar Player magazine a few years ago and it mentioned this "technique" and that it was not recommended. But that he DID actually play with his teeth. There were some other Live videos where he did this, and it was a bit rough sounding as far as "clean" playing. And it's probably attributed to using his teeth. Remember, way back in the late 60s and early 70s, he was something totally new and unique and was doing things others never even considered. (and, yes, I had a Strat in the 70s and tried to do this......it worked but partially chipped the
  3. I have tried them, but not shifted to use them frequently yet. I purchased some Large Dunlop thumbpicks. The part that hits the string seemed too long for my hand position, so I used a piece of sandpaper and sanded the "blade" edge down by about half. This feels better to me. It also fits a bit tight. Argument there is " it's supposed to fit snug". However, After a while it is uncomfortable. I am thinking about heating the things up with a blow dryer and then spreading it just a bit s it still fits, but doesn't pinch too hard on the thumb. Anyway, this is just my opinion on the subject
  4. Definitely NOT a Wah Wah. One person mentions in the notes on that video that it is a Tremolo effect built into the amp. A lot of older amplifiers have that built into it. A lot of newer amps do NOT. Hope that helps.
  5. Looking at restringing with extra light strings from light to medium, well , intonation issues is the first thing to come to mind. On electric guitars, it is not to difficult to adjust the intonation since most (repeat! MOST) bridges are adjustable and have a decent amount of travel to accommodate string gauge changes. Say, from .11 to .09. If you wanted to go to .11 to .08, then you'd really be pushing the limits on the bridge adjustment. On acoustics, the only thing you can EASILY adjust (Easily being the relative term here), is the saddle. It can be moved up and down, which usually
  6. Doug, thanks for the reply. Yeh, I was wondering about his soldering technique. Thanks for the diagram and the link to the pots. Much appreciated!
  7. Any one have any experience with rewiring a 2 humbucker, 2 volume pots and 2 tone controls? I friend tried to rewire his knock off 335. it looks correct according to all the diagrams I've looked up. And it almost works correctly. (say WHAT!??) Each volume works correctly, so do the tone controls. However, when the Neck volume control is turned to full open, it sounds like the tone control is then turned to zero. All the high end goes away. I'm wondering if, when he tried to wire it, if he cooked the capacitor that ties the volume control to the tone control. His soldering skills are not
  8. AndyS

    Live Lesson


    Steve, Any chance of getting the tab for the song you closed tonight's (9/10) session with? I couldn't ask live as I had not logged on with the computer I was watching with. Thanks!! Andy Sorentino Cincinnati, OH

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