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In 2011 I bought brand new a LTD EC-1000D, it came with a quick connect 81/60 EMG set soldered to the controls. I recently unplugged the 81/60 set and just plugged in a 57/66 set, but it's really noisy and hums...I use ENGL tube amps. I have a 94 Gibson SG with 81/85 set and it's not humming or noisy, neither is my LTD MH-250 with 81/H set, I have a 98 Les Paul with old DiMarzio Distortion 2's in it and it's not noisy at all. I don't understand this, I didn't disturb the cavity control, I didn't have to because all I did was remove the pups from the top unplugged them and then just plugged in the new EMGS...(yes properly I double checked).
What could be causing this?
I have some left over EMG quick connect parts to replace all the controls in the EC, would this help? I notice that my soldered setup is like any other with a capacitor on the tone pot, but there is a tiny integrated cap on the tone quick connect...could this be why?
I haven't changed out the parts yet because I want some input.
Could I have a ground loop?

EC pups.jpg

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@CoOlCat, there are some members on here that are knowledgeable about guitar electronics  and qualified to answer.  But I am not one of them😉☹️.  Hopefully, one of them will respond.  I jst want you to know that your post has not gone unread.

This sure sounds like it begs a call or contact to ESP customer support or a trip to a local guitar tech if you have one close.  Sorry I'm not more help and hope you get it resolved.   I know how annoying this humming can be.  I have been dealing with a buzzing for months now.  I think I had posted here once about it.  Probably just a grounding issue (with a 40 year old house).  But that doesn't make it any less annoying.

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I don't know enough about EMG pickups or their quick connect system. 

I'm also not certain if there any passive EMG pickups,  thought they all needed a 9v battery to run.

Maybe replace with a new battery 

One option for trouble shooting is put back the original pickups. Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. 

If you had soldered the connection on the pot, I would have you probably over heated the pot , but since this is a quick connect system that shouldn't apply


Watch out when you disconnecting the pickup you didn't in fact pull the wire off the quick connect connector 

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