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  1. Hi Steve is the original chord actually the four chord, not the tonic in the live lesson on chord substitution June 1? I was trying to figure that’s why the min 7b5 is not in this series of chords ?
  2. Wow, very cool I will never forget this now& thank you for spending the time to educate! Thanks! Dave & all the rest of your guitar family!
  3. Hello all, this is more of a theory question Steve was nice to answer my question on minor progressions towards the end of the broadcast He mention a b minor progression with the five chord being a F#, wouldn't it be a minor chord, since it's a minor progression starting with b minor? b minor/ c #half dim/ D maj/ e minor\ f#. min/Gmaj/Amaj ? Thanks for any info Dave
  4. This is very helpful! really enjoy these kind of informative lessons keep them coming, please Thanks, Steve!
  5. Starting to understand a little about parallel minor keys, borrowing chords still confusing Dave need a lesson on this
  6. Thanks for the replies, let me can a little more specific.I think your close. Lets start with the key of C Chord progression is C- dminor- G- cminor-dminor-cminor-C major I have seen in many songs where there is a Major chord then a minor chord following with same tonic, a bit confused on the theory behind this with no key change? Passing tones? Dave
  7. What is the theory behind a chord being major then the same chord being minor in a song? sometimes following the same chord Dave

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