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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 12TH - PEDALS and CABLES AND GEAR OH MY! WHAT DOES THIS PEDAL DO? If you've got questions about what pedals do, what pedals do you need, or how something works, then let's get some answers. Steve will guide you through his gear, setting up a pedal board, and how each pedal sounds. WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: MAY 13TH Tired of not being able to play barre chords? This three week series on Wednesday Workouts will guide you through... 1) Knowing Where to Put Your Chord 2) How to Form Each Chord Correctly 3) Strengthening the Fingers for Successful Barre Chords Bring your guitar and I'll guide you step by step as we play together. You can do it! Let's finally master these and move forward in your music! Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Wow, very cool I will never forget this now& thank you for spending the time to educate! Thanks! Dave & all the rest of your guitar family!
  2. Hello all, this is more of a theory question Steve was nice to answer my question on minor progressions towards the end of the broadcast He mention a b minor progression with the five chord being a F#, wouldn't it be a minor chord, since it's a minor progression starting with b minor? b minor/ c #half dim/ D maj/ e minor\ f#. min/Gmaj/Amaj ? Thanks for any info Dave
  3. This is very helpful! really enjoy these kind of informative lessons keep them coming, please Thanks, Steve!
  4. Starting to understand a little about parallel minor keys, borrowing chords still confusing Dave need a lesson on this
  5. Thanks for the replies, let me can a little more specific.I think your close. Lets start with the key of C Chord progression is C- dminor- G- cminor-dminor-cminor-C major I have seen in many songs where there is a Major chord then a minor chord following with same tonic, a bit confused on the theory behind this with no key change? Passing tones? Dave
  6. What is the theory behind a chord being major then the same chord being minor in a song? sometimes following the same chord Dave

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