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  1. RCL

    note tie ?

    Thanks Steve !
  2. RCL

    note tie ?

    Thanks tjmeyers, I gave it a try and it sounds good as a pull off. I hope reading your replies have helped others as much as its helped me.
  3. RCL

    note tie ?

    Thanks Shadow Boxer88, Eracer-Team-DougH and Diane B for your help. Its just a simple melody of a song to some but its Music to my ears, I`ve learned enough so far with this course to enjoy my guitar but theres so much more to learn
  4. RCL

    note tie ?

    This is part of the melody to (Anytime At All by The Beatles) I am learning. Thanks guys for your replys
  5. RCL

    note tie ?

    Hi All, How do you play two different notes not of the same pitch ( say an E and D ) with a tie between them? I understand how if there the same note. I`m on session 11 but I must have missed this along the way. Thanks
  6. Hey matonanjin, that's 15 months ago but I do need all the encouragement I can get!
  7. Hello everyone, I started on the lean and master guitar course 7/17 and am now on session 9&10.

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