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  1. I remember a lesson Steve did a few years back, teaching a fingerstyle version of Silent Night. Anyone remember which of the archived youtube videos it is?
  2. I'm all for it too!  Finally sat down last night and reviewed the "Live Lesson".  I've got the concept, just need to work at it.

  3. Thanks Neil, I've been thinking that same thing. I really need to get on those major scales and learn 'em. I've got the Major Scales Mastery course, just need to apply myself. I also forgot I have Tim May's book on scales and arpeggios. Need to open it back up again!
  4. I started playing with a group last summer. Just a couple of guys with guitars, a mandolin, and a banjo. Was just meant to be a fun time jammin' to some old gospel and bluegrass tunes. It quickly evolved in us playing in our worship services on occasional Sundays. We are moving so far and so fast, my guitar skills are being stretched to the limit of my capabilities. I'd really like to start learning to improvise solo, but don't know where to start. I'm pretty good with my pentatonic scales, but that doesn't get me far in Bluegrass.
  5. Went to a local store; Guitar Pickers. Sales guy was awesome! Showed me around and demoed a Roland Cube 30x. Price was right (used) and it sounded WAY better than the Mustang I had. Pulled the trigger and hoping it will give me some new motivation to get going again! Thanks for all the input folks!
  6. Got a VOX AV30 available locally for a really good price. Looks like a pretty straight-forward amp with some modeling features. Seems fairly simple for use as a home amp, but has the ability to use in a bigger venue. Can also add pedals when I get the notion. May go take a look, and bring my guitar along to check out the compatibility. Did I mention it was for sale at a really good price? Hehe.
  7. Need some advice on amps and pedals. I had a Fender Mustang I, but didn't like the sound at all. Sold it to look into a better setup. Thinking about a Yamaha THR10 to match up to my Yamaha RevStar, but I'm seeking "my guitar family's" thoughts on getting and amp and pedals setup. (Something more versatile than a modeling amp).
  8. I've got one and love it! Really helps to learn those pentatonic scales. I recently got rid of my Mustang I amp, and used the eband exclusively now as my practice amp. It has two input jacks for guitars or mics, with separate volume dials. Did I mention I love it?
  9. Check out a Seagull too. Nice guitar, sounds great, and the price is right. Think it's the S6? Almost got it vs the Martin, but I had to have that Martin name:-)
  10. I've owned a DRS2 for about 2 1/2 years now. Don't know what the difference is, but I love mine! Nice deep bass tone that I like. Not bright like a Taylor. Has Fishman electronics I believe, but I rarely plug it in. Just put some Martin lifespan strings on it. Think I like the Martin strings better that the Elixers I've been using. BTW they are made in Mexico. I call it my "Mexi-Martin". No quality flaws that I've noticed though. Happy with it!

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