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  1. Try extending your pinky and ring finger to rest on the body rather than the knuckles of your right hand. That should help to flatten out your wrist.
  2. There is an awesome cd of Johnny Copeland, Robert Cray, and Albert Collins together called Showdown.
  3. Back in late October I had a flare that my doctor diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis, a type of rheumatoid arthritis that attacks the spine and peripheral joints. I could not get out of bed for a month. My left wrist was so swollen and painful I was unable to play at all. Slowly, with medication, the swelling is coming down and there is less pain. I am finally able to play my guitars again. I need to rebuild my fingers from the ground up. They are uncooperative and they hurt, but I'm starting to retrain them. I am only able to play for a short while before the pain makes me stop for the day. With time and perseverance I will beat this and be able to play again. It will just take time. Baby steps.
  4. When we all start, I think we hold the neck of the guitar in a death grip. With time and practice we develop the muscle memory for our fingers to go where we want them to and learn that the amount of pressure needed to get good tone is far less than that.
  5. My Line 6 is HSS, so I can get those profiles from that guitar. I also have a PRS CE-24 so I can get the humbucker sounds, plus I can split the coils. It is so easy to dial in Carlos Santana with the CE-24 and the Mesa Express amp.
  6. Mine has Texas Special single coil pickups, Greasebucket tone circuit. In Ice Blue, it also has the extra large Strat headstock.
  7. I purchased my Fender Strat American Special without locking tuners. My first step was to replace them with locking tuners. All of my electric guitars have locking tuners. Pros: Locking tuners make it easier/faster to change strings. Tuning stability is great. (the Strat had problems holding tune on a couple strings) Cons: To this point I haven't found any.
  8. What Diane is talking about is Tremolo Picking, where you strike the string quickly with the pick. Instead of Tremolo where you strike the string once and then bend it.
  9. My guitar instructor says "This is Rock 'n Roll, if you get all the strings to ring clear ... that's a bonus."
  10. I've been listening to this podcast since the beginning. It's a great podcast. Another on that I listen to is not a guitar podcast, but it does give a lot of great information on improv, practice, theory, ideas, motivation. It's very short twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. It's called The 10 Minute Jazz Lesson.
  11. The number is inversely proportional to the number of listeners.
  12. I've been listening to Eric McFadden lately.
  13. tjmeyers

    note tie ?

    I would read that particular notation as a pull off. Usually a slide will have a straight line between the notes. If you listen to the recording closely you should be able to hear if it's a slide or pull off. You can always try it both ways and pick the one you like best.
  14. I have a Peavey Viper that I use for my acoustics now. My electrics have graduated to Mesa Engineering and Blackstar amps.

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