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  1. Hi @Triple-o, Sorry to read that your relative has tested positive to COVID-19, as well as being in the midst of a hurricane, wishing her a full recovery and that your relatives are safe. Things are really tough in the US at the moment with the Wildfires, Hurricanes and COVID.
  2. Hi @Wim VD1, Another fab recording, you never cease to amaze me, you really are becoming an accomplished allround player. I'm familiar with Yoni, he is one of those jaw dropping players who seem to be able to play all instrument parts at once! I've noticed that now he also gives tabs and lessons. He only posted himself performing his arrangements before.😊
  3. Hi @Colkat, You did a fabulous rendition, I remember watching a video of John Knowles being interviewed by Steve and he played this song. You played it wonderfully, well done!😊
  4. Hi @ RockVox, yes Session 10 is a stumbling block to many, as fingerstyle is a whole new ball game. Canon in D is what you may call a 'Work In Progress' which many of us, myself included have carried forward to other sessions. Remember up until now you have been forming chord shapes and using a pick, now you have to train your fingers further for left hand independance and right hand picking co-ordination. Remember sessions 1 to 9 are your foundation and all the sessions after that are a taster of different genres. Don't get hung up on having to 'master' the difficult songs just carry the
  5. Congratulations. Music Theory is a beast to many of us, well done in furthering your knowledge to the extent that you can compose for an instrument you can't even play! Thanks for sharing😊
  6. @Nutty 1 Fantastic Mandy, you have made wonderful progress on your fingerstyle. Keep it up, hope to hear more from you!😊
  7. Hi @rockinrickard I had a problem listening to your file, but I gave you a like anyway to say thanks for sharing your music with us. 😊
  8. @gotto Great work Greg, you did a fantastic job. This song is also one of my favourites and I found myself joining in with the chorus!😊
  9. @Amy Greenblatt Very nicely played Amy. Well done and thank you for sharing😊
  10. @Wim VD1Nicely played Wim. Congratulations on finishing session 5😊
  11. @Nutty 1 That was lovely Mandy. I'd love to be able to play while singing like you, its not an easy thing to do! keep up the good work😊
  12. @NeilES335 You have certainly done this tune justice Neil. Love the Bossa Nova Vibe. Thankyou for sharing😊
  13. @ak0693 You did a great job, well done. Thank you for sharing😊
  14. @MattC (LesPaulfreakMatt) Hi Matt, Thank you for sharing this. Very well played, I truly enjoyed it😊
  15. @Wim VD1 Hi Wim, another great recording, well done you played beautifully. Again, this is another song I have also been working on and hope to post a recording in the near future and can only hope that I play it a good as you can. Thanks for posting, I'm just going off to do more practice! 😊

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