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  1. It probably got dropped in transit but it didn't really have any "impact" marks on the case or the guitar, just the crack in the body. It could also just be that the wood just cracked as it dried out...maybe it wasn't fully aged or else maybe humidity changes caused it to dry further and crack. Anyway, I returned it and guitar center promptly relisted it as a brand new guitar with no suggestion of the issue. Someone somewhere bought it and I hope they are happy with it but even though I got a decent deal on it, there was no way I was going to keep it with that crack in the wood. Too bad, it w
  2. It's an old post, but that's ok, I'm an old guy. And this is an old video from a few years ago but I ran this allman bros tribute band and we gigged a couple times a month for a few years. Fun stuff. I'm playing the SG. (Also, I solo at about 3:07 'cuz it's all about me! Just kidding. )
  3. Oh well. No replies. I took it to a luthier and also consulted a luthier's forum. Opinions varied. But my local luthier said he thought the wood was broken and I should return it. I took it home and took the backplate off, put a little pressure on it and I could see the crack separate slightly. Yup...broken wood. Returning it to guitar center.
  4. I just bought a 2018 (still brand new) Alpine White nitro Gibson SG. Unfortunately, it arrived with some finish cracking which I think is due to temp changes between Michigan (where it originated) and California. It's not in a very visible location, so I might keep the guitar because they are hard to find currently and I like it. But I'm concerned about these cracks spidering out or extending to the top surface of the guitar. It currently extends from the control cavity on the back, around the edge of the guitar, but not onto the top/front. Would a small brush with lacquer retarder or l
  5. Another resource worth looking at is The Rock House Method Presents Fretboard Autopsy: Scales, Modes & Melodic Patterns Paperback & DVD by Rusty Cooley I like that it takes the G major scale and plays the modes as "three note per string" scales, and lays them out in very readable format of diagrams and tab. Spend a couple weeks on lesson 1. Maybe more. Steve covers TNPS scales somewhere along the way but I don't recall that he tied that to modes, even though that is what the seven patterns essentially are. Rusty lays out important characteristics and relationships. Worth a
  6. IN ORDER: see these resources to understand modes 1) Signals Music Studios You tube video on Modes - parallel modes. Only 15 minutes and the absolute best summary. 2) Desi Serna's MODES DVD or Online course (also a module of his fretboard theory book 1) Not free, but the best thing to make the light bulb go on and provides numerous musical examples of modes -- which is ESSENTIAL to appreciating modes. I can't recommend this highly enough. It is ABSOLUTELY the best thing modes. It just isn't free. 3) Steve Stine - You tube modes videos (multiple) - just another viewpoint, but he
  7. Anybody know how to get a digital copy (pdf) of the lesson book for Learn and Master Piano course? I was updating my archives and noticed I never downloaded that one. I know you used to be able to download the lesson books from the old site.
  8. I appreciate the recommendations, but I have to report back on these. I bought the JAPARTS and made 5 nuts with them. I found it very time consuming, and as I was working, destroyed a couple nuts because going from one file to the next, the cutting edges were so much different. Some sharp, some dull, including on the first nut when the files were all brand new. Overall, I thought it took what seemed like a really long time to cut the nut slots, but I was new to it so I wasn't sure. I kept thinking...how do the shops make any money on this, even at $80-$100? I decided to try a set of
  9. Thanks Dave. Very helpful. I also like that unlike StewMac and Grizzly - these guys were smart enough to assemble sets of files that correspond exactly to the typical string sizes in common string sets. I requested a quote and delivery timing.
  10. Hi Greg, I was wondering if you have a recommendation on nut slot files. I see Stewmac has sets and individuals, and I've seen Grizzly nut files. These sets range from about $75 to $95 for 6 to 8 files, and around $15 each for individual files in other sizes. I just wondered what you use and if you have any recommendations of cheaper options that are still high precision? I'm taking the plunge and I'm going to try my hand at doing some nut work...something I have avoided for years. I do most of my own maintenance and setups but never tried cutting nut slot depth before. I decided it'
  11. If you're struggling to get faster, just keep doing the exercise every day, from the beginning and DON'T skip over the slow speeds. Those reps are important for building muscle memory, stretching, gaining control. Focus on playing extra clean at those slower speeds. Yes, it gets boring, but it won't be boring when you can shred. Listen to the tone of the picking, listen for other noise from other strings, etc. get your upstrokes and downstrokes to sound the same in volume and tone. Play it nice and clean, and slow. As you speed up, go as high in speed as you can play cleanly. When you hit the
  12. That's ok it's not a competition, except against yourself. I only posted it because I made it for my own practice and thought others might find it useful. Do the reps and you'll get there too. Good luck

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