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  1. Hi all. how do you change keys in a song to make it more suitable for my range? I used to know this but it has been so long since I have had to do this. Thanks for any one who can help.The song is in G but I think it is a little to low.
  2. This is very true Randy. I personally found Myself caught up in this same situation and just ended up becoming frustrated. as much guitar can seem magical at times it all boils down to what is most comfortable to the individual and Steve being the seasoned professional he is I would just stick to the course. it is easy to start straying to find a short cut.
  3. This is awesome feedback, When I finally got used to using the 2-3-4 fingerings on my G chord it changed my whole style of playing and naturally it depends alot on the progression. This is one incredible forum for one incredible instrument.
  4. Yes this is where I introduced myself to the Nome on a more consistent basis. I hated it at first but like with everything else in this journey the 3 P's are a virtue. I can say it surely helped me out especially where the rests come in too play.
  5. Hi all, I started With Gibson's L&M and am still using it, although I am now using other Materials now that I can read little. I surpassed the goals I had set for myself when I first started but afterward have set more goals for myself. I definitely believe this is my best route and am very satisfied at my progress. My wife and biggest Fan and (also critic) tells me she is amazed at the progress I've made.
  6. That is part of the journey, Not only learn by practicing but also learn how to practice. The 3 p's is a term I used to hear often when I was over at Gibson's Learn and master Patience, Practice, Persistence. And another I heard a lot From John Wells. Lotsa Luck
  7. YGG. I have found this to be true on alot of practices. I actually have to make myself slow down.
  8. Wow, this is sad news. Dunlops is all I've ever used. RIP Brother.
  9. I am new to this forum so I think it an awesome idea
  10. Hi, Thank so much for putting this together.I personally can tell you how much this forum means to people. I got separated from the forum when it got changed from Gibson. after wandering around for a while I finally figured out how to get on here. Super excited to be apart of this forum that is full of awesome people willing to take time to help people to progress Play on good people. @Steve Krenz

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