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  1. Get up at 5:30. Guitar and coffee go very well together. Evenings, I just noodle. Too tired to concentrate
  2. I looked hard at that one, but cheaper out. I bought the Peterson unit that plugs into the earphone jack of the metronome and clips on your belt and vibrates. It does a really good job of showing me how bad my timing is.
  3. Just to follow up on this thread, I had a guitar tech cut a new nut and move the E strings inboard ever so slightly. Worked like a charm. The guitar is now a pleasure to play. As a side note, if you ever get the chance to pick up a Breedlove Masterclass, don’t hesitate. They hold their own agains anything I’ve played
  4. Here it is, I think https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irigacousticstage/
  5. I have a couple of guitars without pickups and came across this while looking for options. It consist of a microphone that clips on the sound hole and runs to a preamp that has a few eq settings. I plugged it in to my 30 watt Ultrasound amp and it sounds just like my guitar, only louder. seriously, this thing sounds really good! Easy to use and move between instruments. Best of all, it cost $99. Pretty elegant solution for micing a guitar
  6. I recently picked up a Breedlove masterclass Ed Gerhard. Fantastic sounding guitar. It has one issue. The top and bottom strings are easy to push off the fretboard. It has a 1 3/4 nut width so there is plenty of room. Will a new nut with the strings moved slightly inward solve this?

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