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  1. Thanks Jim, I had been looking for one with a 2022 prefix and overlooked this page. Dom, hate you guys aren't going to be able to make it, but I enjoyed meeting and playing with you in June. And yes, those travel cases you guys have are bullet-proof!
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  2. After numerous dismissed opportunities to attend a GG event this upcoming fingerstyle retreat was persistently calling to me. So I have finally, and formally, registered to attend. I am following this retreat on FB and see that I may be attendee #13 of 20 available slots. Who else here is going? I am travelling (with some apprehension about transporting my guitar) from Boston and arriving Nashville Intl AP on Thursday 10/ 27 mid-morning. If others here are doing the same perhaps we can share a ride? I've been a long-time, mostly lurking but frequent visitor to this site and "catch-up" watcher of the Weekly Lessons. My guitar playing journey dates back almost 12 years to the original L&M course. I made it to Lesson 17 several years back, although in hindsight I was probably pressing myself a bit too fast on some of the drills. Nonetheless I owe virtually all I know about playing to Steve and look very much forward to meeting and learning from him in person, and hopefully some of you as well. Regardless of these years spent learning, I have been a nearly complete chicken when it comes to playing with others, even in front of my wife, so I am also using this event to come out of my comfort zone and hopefully squelch (or at least reduce) my fears to play with others. Others are welcome to reply here with any of their own plans/thoughts about this retreat. No pride in ownership from me! Jim (jasn)
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  3. I flew from Toronto Canada to Nashville Then my return flight was Memphis to Chicago to Toronto My only issue, I couldn't get an empty over head bin. Far too many people bring too many carry on's flight crew ignores them , they stuff the bins They took my guitar handed it to the ground crew , landed they handed it back to me. No problem De-tune the guitar a full step. I used one of these on my regular guitar case frees up your hands as it turns a hard shell into a strapped "gig case" https://www.backaxe.com/
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  4. You will have a great time. The setting is beautiful and the fall leaves make it even more so. I have attended all the fall conferences, and aside from the cramped bunking arrangements, each one has been a wonderful experience. The food is terrific and Steve and Paulette always have snacks available. If I remember correctly, Steve said we ate 75 pounds of M&Ms at the last fall retreat. 🙂 Among my highlights: I have sat next to Phil Keaggy at dinner, listened to John Knowles share tips and wisdom from a lifetime of playing guitar (and also a few Chet Atkins stories), learned from some of the best fingerstyle players in the world, and been introduced to Christie Lenée and Trevor Gordon Hall (if you want to be blown away check out Phil and Trevor's impromptu jam from the 2018 conference - they had never met or played together before). That video will give you an idea of the intimate setting the lodge provides - you will be sitting a few feet away from some of the most amazing guitar players in the world. Steve and Paulette are always outstanding hosts. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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  5. I am so happy for you both. The FF is simply amazing. I have been to every one to date. Unfortunately Shroud and I will not be attending this year. I now it will be an experience like no other. As for traveling with guitar via airlines, we own a few travel cases by SKB. They have handles on three sides, form-fitting inside liners, wheels, locks that are TSA compatible. And there are other options too, well worth the money for protecting your precious guitar and making you so less stressful during flight. https://www.amazon.com/SKB-Injection-Molded-Acoustic-Guitar/dp/B007F8JN44/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1CX5KAABEP99F&keywords=skb+guitar+case+acoustic&qid=1658945459&sprefix=sky+guitar+case%2Caps%2C72&sr=8-5
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  6. Jim (@Jasn), I have also registered for the upcoming Fingerstyle retreat. I'm not a rookie when it comes to Guitar Gathering conferences - I've been to 3 now. But this will be my first Fingerstyle retreat. When I first got back into playing guitar a few years ago and started going through the L&M courses, I didn't feel I was ready for a dedicated fingerstyle retreat. As my skills began to grow - so did the Covid virus and my plans for the 2020 and 21 retreats were sidelined. Looking forward to this year. I'm relatively local (I live just a couple of hours away from Nashville) so I won't be flying in. But as time approaches let's see how many need a ride from the airport. I might be able to offer my taxi services (depending on how many guitars everyone brings lol). I expect Steve will be creating a facebook group for those attending - that may be the best for all to connect. Gary
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