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    Sadly, I have not picked up a guitar since March, not because of coronavirus but because I am working on preparing a properly sound-isolated (aka soundproof) music room for my wife and I. Living in a flat neighbours do not want to hear all sorts of instruments being practised and we are blessed to have been able to purchase a small commercal space in our building beneath the shops, so actually I have been self-isolating by choice! I will report back to playing guitar, flute, drums, bass and keyboard as soon as the room is ready.
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    Very pretty tune and well played, Amy🎸👍. Your timing and note articulation was spot on. (Good hammer on/pulloffs)) Keep it up👌Cheercheers; Neil
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    So how are things going for everyone now that this post is 2 months old? Have you made a lot of progress in the past 2 months? For me, I've been focusing on rhythm a lot recently and I feel like I've made some good progress there. Spending a lot of time just with a practice amp and a metronome. Simple is good
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    Hi everyone, I posted a new music video entitled, The Life In The Mirror. I’ve embedded it below. All guitar parts written and recorded by yours truly. Drums and piano arranged in GarageBand. Also, not as a self promotion...but my song Separation Anxiety is on Spotify and iTunes! It’s a bit surreal to hear oneself on such a platform. Just thought I’d share! https://open.spotify.com/track/22MEh1OYh60OqgQdEOdgKV?si=waT6gTkpSuiYqrrCtrDuZg Hope you enjoy! Matt {YouTube}
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    This is from Session 10 (the finger style session) of L&M that Steve wrote. What a lovely melody and such a joy to hear these chords and lines! It took me a while and many tries of stopping and working on something else, then circling back to it - because the piece is so beautiful - to get it to this point and I'm so grateful! Session 10 Intro audio - 5_24_20, 3.54 PM.m4a
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    Not at the moment, I seem to be busy preparing for real and 'just in case' scenarios at the moment. When I have finished 'preparing', I would like to have more time to practice guitar, but I would also like to revisit learning the piano too. Keep Safe😊

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