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  • You can do it. You can become the guitar player you want to be! This Month's Live Guitar Lessons: Tuesday March 12th - Advanced Blues and Jazz with Robben Ford!! Tuesday March 19th - Celtic Fingerstyle with Shane Hennessy Tuesday March 26th - Celtic Flatpicking with David Howley.
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Live Lesson; March 12/19 Robben Ford!

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I dont know how Steve was able to pull it off, but I understand that we will be blessed with the appearance of one of the greatest Blues/Jazz/Rock guitar players of our time, on Live Lesson, March 12th/19!

If you're not familiar with Robben (I guess you can tell I'm a bit of a fan) you can check out his bio on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robben_Ford , and find him on numerous YouTube Videos.

As a preview of what's to come, here's a recent 1 hour video interview and teaching session with TrueFire Live, where you'll find Robben  a regular contributor, teacher and all round gentleman.. outstanding!


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This is absolutely unbelievable. I'm with you @NeilES335;  I don't know how Steve pulled this off.   You and I have discussed Robben Ford previously.   This is one Live Lesson that, no matter what, I am not missing.

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I just want to add a small bit to Neil's post about Robben Ford.  What a great artist Steve has been able to get for this Live Lesson!

Just a few facts about Robben Ford:

  • He is 5 time Grammy nominated
  • He is named one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century by Musician Magazine.
  • He recently released Purple House which is getting rave reviews.    " The balance between its canny production, well-written songs, killer playing, and honest, emotional singing is downright inspiring. "
  • Robben Ford and his co-Truefire teacher are going to offer their (along with John Jorgenson ) 3 day Guitar Dojo at Sweetwater April 25-27 for $1295.  I thought I had seen something about a collaborative retreat in the Catskills with Robben and Jeff but can't find any information about it.
  • Robben is probably one of the most respected instructors over at TrueFire.

Barring severe illness or such every member of Guitar Gathering should tune in for this Live Lesson  IMHO.

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Definitely going to make sure I can tune in to see this!!!  

Just ordered his instructional DVD's a few weeks ago from Steve! This will be a great start to using those! :)


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