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I was wondering whether to use 4 beat 1 division or 4 beat 2 division (where metronome divides each beat into 2 ticks) metronome to practice 8th note exercises. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

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Thank you @Eracer_Team-DougH How do you tap your foot for 8th notes? If we are doing 1&2&3&4& I would tap on the numbers and lift in up picking ands. But we don't always do up picking for ands, so this causing problems in taping the foot. How do you do taping? any suggestions?

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Steve describes the strumming hand is like a piston. 

down up down up... never stopping.

Doesn't always strum or pick a sting but it has to go the other way some  time.

But to do 2 down strokes you have to bring your hand up, before you can go down again 

Same with the foot, tap down for 1, up on &, down on 2, up on &....

Just cause you didn't count the & or say the &, doesn't mean the & didn't exist

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