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Jazz chord forms

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Jazz chord forms pdf:

On the 5th string inside voicing "Let's Practice", page 5:  Should the Bm7 shown actually be Bm7(b5)?  I've been practicing it as shown, but it dawned on me the m7(b5) form was missing, or in my feeble theoretical mind.  ?

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Fantastic question!

The answer is YES and NO!

Let me explain.

YES, when building 4 note chords (triad plus the seventh), the chord built on the seventh step of the scale would be a m7b5.  (For example, in C, the chord on the seventh step would be a Bm7b5.)


NO, these particular chord shapes used for that exercise, just happen to NOT include the 5th of each chord. So, you'll notice that each of those chord shapes used in that exercise don't include the 5th of each of those chords.

So, back to your question. "Shouldn't the last one be a Bm7b5 instead of a Bm7?" Yes, the chord built on the seventh step of the scale has the b5 in it, but these particular voicings don't include the 5th.

So, I had a choice when writing it out, should I write the chord name as a "Bm7b5" but show the form that doesn't include the 5th? I decided that would be confusing. So, I just wrote it as what it truly was, a Bm7.

Hope this helps!

- Steve

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Thanks for clarifying.   I try to resist just using tab without “learning” some of the associated theory behind it.  

Thanks again,


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