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Two Humbucker, 2 volume 2 tone controls, wierd sound

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Any one have any experience with rewiring  a  2 humbucker, 2 volume pots and 2 tone controls?  I friend tried to rewire his knock off 335. it looks correct according to all the diagrams I've looked up. And it almost works correctly. (say WHAT!??)  Each volume works correctly, so do the tone controls. However, when the Neck volume control is turned to full open, it sounds like the tone control is then turned to zero. All the high end goes away.
I'm wondering if, when he tried to wire it, if he cooked the capacitor that ties the volume control to the tone control.  His soldering skills are not the best and there were some cold solder joints, and a VERY large lump of solder on the tone control where the ground wires are connected. So, that had to take a lot of heat. Perhaps it affected the control itself.

Anyway, before I dig into it and start swapping out parts, thought I'd ask here to see of anyone had heard of this before.



Andy Sorentino

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it takes a fair bit of heat to solder the ground on the back of the pot.. I found that a normal low watt iron for normal electronics doesn't cut it.. I have a variable and have to turn it to 60w to do the grounds on pots.. but your touch it.. it flows and you get off. unlike a low watt iron that you have to hold on the pot for ever and a day. and over heat the darn things.

chances are if he fired the pot(s) it's typical of where he left the 'wiper' , I usually turn the pot to "zero" when doing one of the outside lugs, then let it cool a bit.. move the wiper all the way over the other way and do the other outside lug.. middle can be done with wiper either full or zero.

335's are typically a pain as all the work has to be done through the sound hole.. not fun at all.

typical CTS pots considered the "standard" usually have drop offs .. getting lower than 3 it seems like zero and usually a big jump past 8 that doesn't change to 10..

best pots I found that give you the best sweep, granted they're expensive is from https://rs-guitarworks.myshopify.com/


es335 wiring.jpg

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Doug, thanks for the reply. Yeh, I was wondering about his soldering technique.  Thanks for the diagram and the link to the pots. Much appreciated!


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