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  1. I fully agree with lefty54. As a left hander myself. I also bat right handed. My older brother taught me simply because he was right handed. I a only 7 or 8. O shoot right handed because dad made me due to his WWII experience. But I throw and shoot a pistol left handed. Right handed wasn’t as natural to me. So I went left handed. You will be more limited in choices of guitars. That’s the only negative I can think of. if I remember correctly, Paul McCartney started right handed. And switched when he discovered there were left handed guitars.
  2. Music Reading for Guitar The Complete Method by David Oakes $19.99 Amazon a great book to learn how to read rhythms and more. my first two songs were about “what’s the strumming pattern”. Not a problem anymore. This book doesn’t teach you to read the notes themselves. If you’ve learned what LMG teaches about notation, this book is a great next step. Even if you don’t read the notes, the rhythms are pretty easy to learn, and you can follow tab for the notes if you prefer.
  3. I’m on break from the course. But will continue it. I stopped at barre chords due to tendinitis in both thumbs. I also have to limit time with chords. But hopefully they will heal soon. In the meantime I work on songs, in the advanced speed and agility course. And studying theory. Started the scale mastery this week. I use other sources as well.
  4. Now that I’m confident in my ability to spell all the major keys, tonight I have begun the mastery series. I really like Steve’s workouts. I’m still on the speed and agility workout as well. And from that I learned it’s nice to have a plan already laid out to follow. Than having to spend the time to learn how to create a plan yourself. More time practicing!
  5. Yes it is great! Last night I learned a little of Wonderful Tonight by Clapton. decided I’d choose that as my next easy song. I work on an easy and hard one together. Of course the song in the video has been my only hard one. That has taken 2 1/2 months. Still like 3 more parts to the song. anyway last night I made my way through the main riff of Wonderful Tonight a few times. Then just smiled as I got the rhythm decent. Fastest I’ve ever learned a riff.
  6. Thanks. To all of you. The sole purpose of recording is the watch and hear it. A friend of mine watched to hear me. So I decided to let him see it. After that I decided what the heck. Let others see it as well. My wife is the only one who mostly hears me. I practice at work during breaks and work. But it’s that electric unplugged. So they don’t hear it as much. I’ll have to thank my 5 years experience dancing for the help in rhythm. That part I catch on to pretty quick. And it takes as long to get your feet to do what you want as it does your fingers.
  7. 15 months ago it didn’t cross my mind I’d be playing the intro and verse to Sweet Home Alabama. Still practice and cleanup to do with it. But I’m very pleased with where I am this early in so I might as well embarrass myself.? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HqVA6OzUjIokjxUnaUgt97Y7tQwdROk9/view?usp=drivesdk
  8. Today I’ll begin the advanced level for speed and agility. I sit here amazed that 15 months ago I began LMG and could barely get my fingers to do that simple exercis in the beginning of the book. And now I crank them out at this speed. Thanks Steve. i also took advantage of Steve’s sale and picked up the Scale workouts. I’ll start them once I complete my Scale studies I’m working on. Should I complete the Speed and agility course before starting the scales?
  9. Ok. Maybe it borderline speeds that make it worse. As it is lifting the thumb messes me up without the brace it provides. But as it is. I will continue to use the glove finger I’ve cut out. Everything is just so much easier. Easoecially if I start getting sweaty. And maybe it will help relax. Who knows. But thanks for your time.
  10. What do you mean by releasing the thumb?
  11. Any thoughts appreciated. But I’m out of options other than the cloth on my end. The pad of my thumb rest on the neck slightly above halfway. I can fret strings without my thumb.due to the use of my left arm against the body of the guitar. I’m left handed. I’m not squeezing. Yet the resistance at 120 8th notes per minute is to much to slide the thumb pad down or up the neck easily. Slow speeds are fine.
  12. No wax for me. Can’t practice at work with it. It causes fish eyes in auto paint, and I’m applying the paint. Thanks though.
  13. I’ve done that to make it dull again like it was. But the pad of my thumb must have human glue on it. As light as I can place the pad it has resistance. That’s hands just washed in a cool room starting out. bought a pair of gardeners gloves today. Cut the thumbs out and the top of the thumb off.so I just have a thumb sleeve. Works great. Even chords are easier such as C/D where the thumb has to spin slightly. So issue solve unless the glove becomes a problem. Last night I went up 10 bpm with just the cloth on my thumb. And can go backwards as fast as forward now without the extra thu
  14. Wouldn’t be solvent. I only practice at breaks and lunch. Hands washed. The solvents we use flash quickly anyway. I don’t get them on me very often. And then I’d have to pick up my guitar immediately.
  15. I’ll keep investigating. It boils down to shine. The headstock on my Strat is dull. Looks like real wood with a slight wood grain feel. No sticking. But the neck has become shiny where my thumb is. Didn’t have the issue new. Always had the issue on the acoustic. I’ll have to get a real solution if I ever get to the point of needing the thumb for the low E. Which from searching other forums, sanding was a solution for many. Seems it’s common mostly with cheap guitars.

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