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  1. Well, after a long lay off I started back just before Christmas on Lesson 5. Hands a little stiff but coming along good. Open chords were a breeze ( I use to play rhythm in a bluegrass gospel band for the church and sat in once in a while in my friends country band ). However note reading is a little slow and rusty so spending a little more time improving there before I move on to Lesson 6. Marty.
  2. I would like to thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. Hoping everyone has good health and wonderful holidays. Making progress everyday with hands and getting back to music. Deeply thankful Marty.
  3. It's been a while. Had a heart attack 98% blockage of main carotid artery right after Christmas last year. Was treated had 3 stents couldn't lift for about 2 months, strict diet. March was having problems with both hands starting to close up, was diagnosed with Dupuytrens Contracture in both hands and trigger finger on right middle finger. Operated on left hand early March, 6 weeks of therapy. Operated right hand end of April, 6 weeks therapy. Palms were really stiff and swelled with scar tissue, left hand healed faster scar tissue went down considerably. Right hand palm still a little stiff and middle finger is still numb but I can finally hold a pick without it getting loose and away. So with all of that I'm finally back to playing. Treated myself to a new amp a Fender Blues Jr. and started back on the course. progressing fairly quick, remembered most of first four lessons, and going to start back with lesson five, while warming up with first four lesson material that I need to brush up on. Feels really good playing again and I know my collection has needed to be played for some time. Later, Marty.
  4. I have a PRS Santana really nice guitar. I also have two Martins, a D16RGT and an HD28 both excellent guitars but with a little difference between the two in tone and feel. I would recommend spending a little time playing them both, one will speak out to you which you prefer.

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