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  1. Hello Guitar Enthusiasts! I am retired and want to develop the daily habit of playing my guitar. I am building up motivation to start the L&M course (again) especially with the onset of 2020. This is a big Bucket List Item for me. I have always loved music. Especially folk-type rock, which would be great to strum to as I hopefully progress!  On this forum, I am looking forward to some encouragement, as I will be lending encouraging words to all as well!

    1. Nutty 1

      Nutty 1

      Welcome back Ron,

      I hope you enjoy starting again. You are not the only one, many of us have had "life get in the way".

      I am looking forward to reading your posts. Being able to play guitar is great.🎸😎🤩

    2. matonanjin


      Ron, (from another Ron) great to have you here.  There are quite a few of us "learn to play guitar in retirement" guys and gals in this forum.  Please keep us up-to-date on your progress.


    3. upsmech


      Welcome back Ron! I too am restarting my journey through here. I went off on a tangent with teachers for a while and realized that looking back I had actually learned more through this course than I had with the teachers!! Even though I was only in session 6.

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