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  1. I've booked my room and air fare. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! I'll be in Nashville on July 12th to do some drooling at the guitar shops.
  2. I find it easier for myself to have a list to check off my progress, hope someone else finds this useful as well. Steve K., I hope you don't mind that I did this? Merry Christmas 2019! Your Ready To Move On-Edit.docx
  3. I would also look at Studio One Prime, it is free as well and easy to use. My 2 cents!
  4. My first time last year, I'll be there every year from here on out! See you there!
  5. Steve took care of it and let me know what to do. Now, what about staying in the Dorm, what will we need to bring? Pillow, sheets, blanket, towels? Thanks in advance, Eric
  6. Hi all, I won't be in Nashville until about 7:30 Tuesday night. What is the process for getting my Dorm room that late?
  7. What are the hours for the GG? Sounds like there is a lot going on. I fly in on June 11 and leave on the 15. I would have to go during the GG to see Gruhn. Is there time enough without missing something? Thanks Eric
  8. Hi, is anyone planning on checking out some guitar stores at the 2019 GG?
  9. Hi all, I just registered for my first GG conference, I'm soo excited. Look forward to meeting you all and upping my guitar game. Eric

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