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  1. Congrats! I just moved into Session 5 recently as well! The bonus book songs tripped me up for a bit when I thought I was pretty much done, but I was able to get to a place where I was happy. It's exciting to move onto Chords and session 5 is moving quickly. Although I previously tried to learn guitar a long time ago by sites that taught chords and not the comprehensive course. I got very frustrated when it came time to use my pinky for the 7th Chords and eventually lost interest after not much progress learning B7 and C7, but I think employing it for sharps and flats in L&M has built up some strength and I've made some great progress in just a week or two! Starting to feel like a guitar player!
  2. Hello all, I finished session 4 and am now in session 5, after looking at the course and song hits book, seems like it would be a good stage to get a looper pedal so I can record cords and try to play the notes over the chord rhythm. I was hoping to see what people recommended for a looper pedal? My main question is whether it's worth getting something with a separate dedicated stop button like the Ditto X2 or Electro-Harmonix 720. The second question is overall recommendations, I am personally someone who would rather pay a little more upfront for something quality with that I can grow into, rather than getting something cheap and upgrading as I go. Thanks for everyone's recommendations!
  3. I use the Justin Guitar Time Trainer app. Free download. I started his course a while ago before I started L&M https://www.justinguitar.com/products/time-trainer-metronome
  4. I still have a lot of issues with the eighths rests in the bonus workshops string exercises. When I get a new exercise, they always seem to mess me up and knock me out of rhythm. I know I'll get it down with time, but not sure if this will be something I should have down pat by the end of session 4, or it will take a while for them to become second nature.
  5. I'm in session 4 and at times I feel exactly the way you do, but part of me (someone can correct me if I'm thinking about this wrong) doesn't think memorizing some of the exercises is all that bad. By memorizing songs/exercises you are still looking at the notes and associating the correct fingering and tempo and eventually the more exercises you do it will keep building on that past association you have made. You may mess up more at first, but I wasn't long ago I was worried if I was memorizing Yankee Doodle and not reading the music, but I've gotten pretty good (relatively) at recognizing and not getting tripped up by notes on the first 3 strings, so memorizing Yankee Doodle hasn't really hurt me.
  6. I'm going to piggy back on this thread... I currently have an acoustic guitar I'm learning on, I haven't really look at the material ahead too in-depth, but is there a point where the session/lesson/material is more applicable to the Electric guitar rather acoustic (before session 15 Electric guitar)? I assume I'm nowhere near that point and I will probably buy one before that point anyway, but I was curious.
  7. Getting ready to head into Session 4, some very helpful advice before. What are some thoughts on the best way to split this up? Should I watch the videos and split it up into 5th & 6th String then the Sharps and flat? Or try to get comfortable with the 5th string and don't move to the 6th until somewhat comfortable with 5th string, then so on? Would love to hear what worked best for others.
  8. I am about 90% of the way to meeting and/or exceeding the standards in "you're ready to move on" and I play along decently well with Steve, but if I try to apply the same standards (60 bpm for exercises or 90 bpm for songs) to the bonus resource book, it feels like I more like 70% there, maybe 50% on the ties/dots/rest exercises in the bonus book. I will definitely keep working on these and I'm not in a hurry to move on, but I was wondering if the bonus book was supposed to be more difficult and its okay to move on when you meet the "You're ready to move on" even if your not as sharp on the bonus book.

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