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  1. Wim and Bryan Do you play blues finger style on acoustic only? Think it is great that you found additional online resources for your training. Wish I did sooner. For some reason, I took off with training books. The books were helpful with the playalong downloads, but the online instructions seems more dynamic. Looking forward to continue to learn with the resources you suggested. Thank you!!
  2. Wim, Active Melody is a great resource!! Cinco
  3. I've been training with all of Steve's materials and related supplemental resources for four years. My goal now is to integrate the materials to a personal playing style. Where I enjoyed playing and learning the variety of genres covered in the training, I have set my sights on modern blues with a jazzy, rock bent for now.
  4. Prior to starting the Learn and Master Blues program, I completed the Learn and Master Guitar program, including the Song Hits (with the exception of chord melody materials in both). I believe that playing chord melody is extremely advanced and requires a targeted specialty learning objective that could take years for most. The Learn and Master Blues program was for me a beginning and an end to my learning this genre. For me, the middle part between the beginning and end required a considerable amount of effort and supplemental sources. When I tried to progress from the L&M lessons to the L&M playalongs, I felt ill prepared. To build a bridge over the gap, I used the supplemental materials detailed below. After spending a considerable amount of time with the additional training materials, I went back to the L&M playalongs and found that they were a great learning tool. Now, I consider the L&M playalongs a significant part of my playing set. I use them as is and I use them as bounce points to create my own songs. The supplemental resources I used follow: Hal Leonard Blues Guitar 100 Blues Lessons - Heussenstamm and Johnson The Complete Guide to Blues Guitar Compilation - Alexander 12 Bar Blues Guitar - Rubin Jazzin the Blues - Ganapes and Roos 100 Classic Blues LIcks for Guitar - Alexander and Sklaroff 12-Bar Fingerstyle Blues - Rubin I also compiled a 1000 song blues collection on my phone and listened to on random play a good amount over the last two years. YouTube blues band viewing was also used. Was ready start playing with others about a year ago, then the pandemic hit. As a substitute, I used Studio One DAW with drums, bass, and piano software instruments to create my own band. I create the band track within in Studio One, then play with the band. This may seem like an aside, but it took a considerable amount of effort. I am really happy to have the skill now. Ready to develop from here. Would be great to get input from others on where to go from here.
  5. Hi Wim, Thank you for your response. Would you like to share ideas through this forum or email? Very excited to connect. Mike
  6. Would like to connect with players that have spent time with the Learn and Master Blues Guitar Course. I've been at it for two and a half years. Playing all the playalongs now. Recorded many. Have used several supplemental materials as well. Was hoping to start playing with others until covid hit. Would be great to connect with others that have been through the course to discuss the content and to help think through next steps.
  7. What time does the conference start on June 12?
  8. That makes total sense. I was confused cause the primary coverage of many of these chords was in the Jazz Lesson of the main Learn and Master Course and the title of Steve's latest release is Jazz Chords Workout.
  9. As covered in the recently released training, the "Money Chords" are used to enhance basic triad chord arrangements. Is it possible to enhance triad chords arrangements with major and minor 7ths, 9ths, 11th, and 13th chords we learned in the recently released Jazz Chord trainings? This substitution would be done for original arrangements that were not intended to be in the Jazz genre.

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