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Truss Rods Not Adjusting

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I have a problem with my guitar, that is the truss rod itself!

The problem is the rod cannot adjust (that was I thought earlier).

I went to a luthier told him the problem and he said your truss rod is fine but it had no impact on your guitar neck.

That was strange for me. 

Also the neck of guitar was bend and the bend was concave, the fretboard was bowed downwards.

Had anyone also fonud the same problem that I have ? 

Waiting for replies .

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@Prabhu  Thankfully, I've never experienced any issues with truss rod adjustments on any of my guitars.   Assuming the truss rod is functioning correctly,  too much relief in the neck can be corrected by tightening the truss rod (but I'm sure I'm just restating the obvious).    Seems you are doing the right thing by taking it to a luthier, although I'm not sure how he or she decided the truss rod was working properly, if it was having no impact on the neck.  I think I would seek a second opinion from a another qualified luthier or if the guitar is new, contact their customer support.   In the meantime, these tips came from the Sweetwater site - not sure how helpful they will be, but things to keep in mind.   Best of luck to you!

When adjusting your neck, remember these tips!

Don’t adjust too much at once. You’ll want to turn the truss rod about a ¼ of a turn at a time until you’re familiar with how your truss rod will react.

Always re-tune the guitar before checking your adjustment.

Don’t force anything. If you feel excessive resistance during an adjustment, your truss rod could be maxed out. Further adjustment could damage the instrument. An inspection by an experienced technician is recommended.

If you feel that you’re loosening the truss rod and it isn’t making any adjustment, you may have a dual-action truss rod. Check your instrument’s specifications. If you do, your truss rod will eventually catch and you’ll be able to make the proper adjustment.

Some necks will not adjust right away. In some cases, it’s better to make adjustments and let the neck settle overnight to ensure you don’t over-adjust.

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