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Pentatonics, any sources to learn from?

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I recently went back to playing my guitar, I'm loving it. I've started looking up pentatonics as I'd love to improvise to some background music, but I can't find any good places with all the information neatly served, is it just me?? what's your experience been like in looking for this?? What did you use and what do you recommend?
Keep on rockin 💀

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@filipmo, glad you're back to playing and good luck on getting back to it.

Of course, the first place I'm going to direct you is Steve's session on Pentatonics, Session 11 Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar, is about the pentatonic scale.   Having nearly completed the course I can tell you it is the best thing that I have done for my learning guitar.   And session 11 is representative of the quality of the course. 

Outside of Learn and Master, a lot of us use TrueFire courses to complement our studies.  Almost all TrueFire instructors are top notch, at least all whose courses I have purchased.  Jeff McErlain is one of the most popular there and he has a course dedicated to your subject, Pentatonic Deep Dive.  I do own this but haven't opened it yet so I can't comment.

Anther one that looks interesting to me is 50 All Purpose Pentatonic Licks You Must Know by James Hogan.  I don't know anything about this course or the instructor.  And I don't know how much theory about Pentatonics there is (or how much you want) or other general knowledge about the scale there is.  Or is it just rote learning of licks.  But it is on sale right now for only $5! 

A couple of the Truefire instructors have held quarantine  YouTube lessons over the last pandemic lockdown months about the Penta Scale.  Jeff, who I mentioned above, and Corey Congilio both have.  Searching their names combined with the word "Pentatonic" in a YT search should return those lessons.  If I recall Jeff had a 3 week series on it.

Keep us updated on your progress.

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