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Hey all,


I'm at workout three for a few weeks playing it full speed no problem.

But I was wondering...when doing the first exercises with the pinky stretch, do I keep the index finger held down or lift up after every successful note.?




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Leave your index finger in place and stretch your 4th finger to reach the note. This practice will pay off for you later while learning to solo.


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Ideally, you would leave your index finger in place forcing you to stretch your pinky to get where it needs to go.  If you raise up your index finger and shift your hand to a more comfortable position then that defeats the purpose of the exercise.

I'm more concerned that the index finger and hand stays in the right position (forcing the pinky to stretch) than I am about whether the index finger is actually on the fingerboard.

The idea is to get the hand to stretch.

Hope this helps.  It sound like you are doing great work.  Keep going!

- Steve

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