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  • Bad Words and Censorship Thoughts from Steve

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    Having worked in a very unhealthy environment for a few years, where some people bad-mouthed and simply didn't respect their colleagues, I've come to enjoy and value communities like this one twice as high.

    Let's work together to keep it an inspiring and uplifting place in which to spend our time. ?

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    now here is the real kicker.. and don't tell me some have not done this.. Working on a lesson of Steves.. next thing you know , you cant get it right no matter what that day.. next thing you know " Bingo" we have a cuss word out of no where.. but who we talking too , yep the guitar and wall !   Happy New Year !  Smile everyone I also agree no place for any of that here.. 

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    Thank you Steve and I agree. I lost track of you for a while and I’m glad I found this forum. I have enjoyed your guitar course and all the online stuff you have done. 



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    Steve; I agree with your stance on no cussing, vulgarity, swearing.... There is plenty of that on most other social media forums. I like that your forum supports and enforces respectful discussion and debate.

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    Steve and moderators, and everyone in this guitar family. Thank you for making and ensuring that this is a helpful positive place to come and share in learning. Thank You for ALL you do for ALL of us. 

      We all know there are plenty of OTHER places on the internet and such where people can go if they want to spend their time arguing anything and everything. This is not one of those places.

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    @TeleRooo, thank you for the kind words.  But I think @Steve Krenz and @DianeB and @NeilES335 will agree, all the members on here are so well behaved, it makes our job very easy.  It's a rare occasion that one of us has to step in.  I deleted one post a week or so ago and that is the first time in months.

    This IS a "helpful positive place to come and share in learning" because of Steve's "guitar family"

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