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2020 Live Lesson Schedule

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Live Lesson Schedule for Event Calendar(2).jpg

Watch Live Lessons on the Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel HERE.  7pm Central Time US



14th - Blues and Jazz Guitar with Alberto Lombardi & Tim Thompson

28th - Starting Off Right with Greg Voros


4th - Brazilian Jazz Guitar with DuoVersal (guitarist Paolo Oliveira and saxophonist Alex Graham)

11th - Expanding Your Playing with Triads: Major

18th - Expanding Your Playing with Triads: Minor

25th - Expanding Your Playing with Triads: Sevenths


17th - Solutions for Scale Boredom

24th - Finally Learning the Fretboard

31st - Learning a Jazz Standard


7th - Learn a Hymn Arrangement

14th - Making the Leap from Scales to Solos

21st - Got Guitar Questions? Ask Steve!

28th - Accompanying a Vocalist with Guest Debi Selby


5th - Top 10 Chord Forms for Blues Guitar

12th - Pedals and Cables and Gear, Oh, My!

19th - Power Chords

26th - Learning the Guitar Fretboard


9th - Nashville Number System

16th - Riffs and Patterns

17th - Finger Stretching Exercises (Workout)

23rd - Open Guitar Chat

24th - Hearing Chord Changes (Workout)

30th - The Super Arpeggio


1st - Chord Substitutions for Jazz Guitar (Workout)

21st - The Chords You Need to Know: Basic Chords

22nd - The Chords You Need to Know: Basic Chords (Workout)

28th - The Chords You Need to Know: Pop and Rock Chords

29th - The Chords You Need to Know: Pop and Rock Chords (Workout)


4th - The Chords You Need to Know: Jazz Chords

5th - The Chords You Need to Know: Jazz Chords (Workout)

11th - The Chords You Need to Know: Cool Chords

12th - The Chords You Need to Know: Cool Chords (Workout)

25th - How Music Works: Major Scales

26th - How Music Works: Major Scales (Workout)


1st - How Music Works: Keys and Key Signatures

2nd - How Music Works: Keys and Key Signatures (Workout)

8th - How Music Works: Intervals

15th - How Music Works: Triads

16th - How Music Works: Triads (Workout)

22nd - How Music Works: Sevenths

23rd - How Music Works: Sevenths (Workout)

29th - How Music Works: Ninths and Beyond

30th - How Music Works: Ninths and Beyond (Workout)


20th - Special Guest Ron Block (Technical glitches; not recorded)

21st - Questions & Answers with Steve

27th - Live Lesson

28th - Wednesday Workout


2nd - Special Guest Ron Block

3rd - No lesson (Election Day)

4th - Speed Fingerpicking Workout

10th - Taking Your Playing from Flat to 3D

17th - Top 10 Solutions for Bad Guitar Habits

18th - Travis Picking Boot Camp (Workout)


8th - Learn a Holiday Tune

9th - Travis Picking Boot Camp 2: Finger Independence (Workout)

15th - Learn More Holiday Tunes



5th - The Top Guitar Chords in Any Key

6th - Travis Picking Boot Camp 3: (Workout)

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Updated into early January 2021. -- DB
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Just wondering how to get access to the live lesson when it is being broadcast live on YouTube. I can't get either my computers or mobile phones to work when I try to access the live lessons real-time. I get a message something to the effect of me not being able to have access to the broadcast and to try accessing the broadcast with some king of Google Suite corporate application.

Do you have any idea of something I need to do on my end or if I need to be invited on your end to have access to and to watch the live lessons?

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@Run26point2You need to have a Google/YouTube account to particpate in the Chat. It's easy and free. Just create a profile (can be the same as your name here). Just sign in with that account to YouTube and you'll get access.

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