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  1. Hi Neil

    How can I adjust my settings to read the entire chat page? I can only see 2/3rds of each line since it won't wrap to the next line.



    1. NeilES335


      Hi Henk

      Are u using an iPhone or other Apple device?

      Im no expert but i heard some members  have had issues like this. I suggest you try another browser or read chat in the full version (select chat menu top of home page)

      Regards Neil 

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  2. Hello from Calgary, Alberta Canada :)

    1. NeilES335


      Welcome to the GG Forum LS... always good to have another Canadian on board??

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  3. Just a suggestion... re the Legacy "Student Support Forum" . Now that we've moved, members may consider removing most, if not all, of their identifying information , for security reasons, (as I have done). As the site is not secure, it could be easily hacked and information used improperly.

    1. NeilES335


      I had to bypass the secuity warnings. ( this will vary according to your browser) Open your profile and examine every area, including AboutMe, Signature, FollowersFriendz, email address, gallery, posts etc... Delete them. It takes a bit of work...I couldnt figure out how to cancel the account completely..there should be a way.

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  4. Hi brother, really like your red and blue guitars. Got the epiphone es335 pro. I get good  enough I'll  upgrade. IF my wife let's me:)  

    1. NeilES335


      Hi tony; Thanks...Actually I just have the Gibson Heritage Cherry ES 335.  I think it's BWillard that has the brand new ES335 in figured Blue.

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  5. I'm on line now....

    1. NeilES335


      signing off...

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