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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Mike, That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. However we are given the music in that example. If there is you and one other guitar player and someone says play Silent Night in C. The rhythm player is going to start on C chord ( I think). Where does the melody player start? The example above uses E, but is that the only option? Silent Night just popped into my head as a simple song everyone knows, not trying to figure that one out particularly. Thanks
  3. I can find virtually no info on the below. When playing (picking, no chords) a song and you want to play it in C for this example. Do you start on C,E or G (the notes in a C chord)? If so is G, the last one what is generally preferred? If this is true and I don't know if it is and you decided to play the same song in G and decided to start on G (the first note in a G chord) the song would be the same. Is the same song the same in two different keys? If this is not how to know where to start how do you know where? Thanks
  4. There are two Yahoo channels that I frequent. In Youtube search "munson music" and "lyric chord". Both are play and sing alongs that give you the chords as you go. I play along and try to look away and keep playing. It's something I just haven't been able to master. But every once in a while I surprise myself. They have both been very helpful. I'm sure you can find songs you are familiar with. Munson being the easier of the two with simple versions of the songs.
  5. Unreal. I live in Florida and run a dehumidifier 365 days a year. Air conditioner runs most of the year. I keep dehumidifier set on 45%. I turn it off when I go to bed because of the noise. When I turn it on in the morning it usually reads 55-75% Seems to keep humidity in guitar case in the 50-55% range. Dehumidifier in extra bedroom and makes the temp in there higher. Guitars live in different room where the temp/humidity swing isn't as much. I long to live somewhere cooler and dryer some day.
  6. I recently found a Taylor GS-Mini on Craigslist. I was really looking for a Dreadnought Jr but couldn't pass up the price. Since then I have fallen in love. It's smaller than my dreadnought and great for sitting in the recliner or traveling. I go play once a week with some others. It's much easier to lug along. Doesn't sound like the full size but does sound respectable. I think either the GS- Mini or Dreadnought Jr would be a good choice. Both come in electric versions although $500 might be tough unless you are buying used. I think non electric is about $500 new. BTW the Mini is readied for a clip in pickup. 15 minute job and about $100 the best I remember. Either one used on ebay should be under your budget. The smaller size (shallower and shorter) reduces your reach too which I think also helps the shoulder.
  7. I guess I don't have much imagination. I call mine. 1 "The Martin" or the "D-18" 2 "The Taylor" or the "GS-Mini" 3 and the "Tele" My wife calls them all my babies. (considering them all one) Says she comes third. That's cuz there's a motorcycle in there too. Took me a long time to come up with all those names. Had the wife for 36 years so I guess she rates up there too.
  8. Thanks, glad yours has been a success. I know that if let go too long the results aren't as good. However I think mine is caught in time, it just recently started getting a lot worse. I have a Dr. who is supposed to be real good and all she does is hands.
  9. Anyone had the surgery? If so, did it make you play better? That's what I'm hoping. Going in next month for surgery, can't stand it any longer. While I don't hold a lot of hope for better playing maybe I can practice longer which in turn should help me play better. Right handed and left hand is the bigger problem and the one getting the surgery. Have tried the brace and exercises to no avail. Right hand has some too but will have to wait. If you have had the surgery has it helped you? Good, bad results?

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