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  1. Thanks for the update! Everyone says to take your time and enjoy the journey, so you must be doing it right!
  2. You shouldn't compare yourself with others; everyone is different and you don't know how long people practice. If you struggle with the bonus exercises at 60bpm, at what speed do you not struggle? What about the standard exercises? And what do you struggle with exactly?
  3. I'm on session 4, and I find that working on both workshops together is beneficial. They are usually more exercises on the same concepts, and working on one helps me with the other. For example, the songs at the end of the regular workshops are harder than the first exercises of the bonus workshops, so these help me with the songs. It might be different for future sessions however, we shall see.
  4. I'm still a beginner so I can't provide constructive criticism, but that tone sounded really good to me. I'm actually curious to see what advice others can give because I wish mine sounded like that.
  5. Welcome @Dolph and @Jay.A! There are quite a few people that started the course lately, I am on session 4 right now. And @Jay.A I couldn't find anything to automatically show progress in the signature, so it seems like it's done manually. That looks like a good idea!
  6. As you mention, I would recommend getting more comfortable with the exercise before adding the metronome. You want to simplify it as much as possible, then you can add layers of difficulty once you get comfortable. Also, 60bpm is the target speed, so it's what you should work up to, not necessarily what you should practice at. I would suggest to start playing the exercise very slowly, without a metronome. Pay attention to the note's duration if you can, if you can't it's fine, that would be step 2 once you can play the right notes. Once you're comfortable with that you can add the metrono
  7. Welcome back @MrStig91! There are a few of us in the first sessions right now. I agree with Neil, you should start at the beginning and work your way back up. This way you can make sure that you didn't forget anything, and you gradually get those tiny muscles back in the game. Aim for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, and keep us posted of your progress! Also welcome @grzyman12!
  8. You can get it for session 3, the first few songs in it only have notes on the first 4 strings. Then all 6 strings, then they add sharps and flats, which are all covered in session 4. However the first one (Easy Pop Melodies) is the one you want for now; volumes 2 and 3 (More Easy Pop Melodies and Even More Easy Pop Melodies) are more advanced and they have sharps and flats on the very first song.
  9. How's it coming along JohnnyH? I also decided to get back to it. I started on January 1st and I will start session 3 today.

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