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  1. Thanks Diane, that sounds like a good start. Between individual note memorization and working on the pentatonic forms, hopefully it will come together. I haven't tried the Scale Mastery Workout yet...so much to do. Full disclosure- I didn't spend much time in session 10. I felt like I could be there a long time, and I had already spent many months in sessions 7, then 7-8, then a 7-8-9 combo. Thanks for your help!
  2. Did the planned "Learning the Fretboard" lesson take place? I keep checking to see if its been posted, but haven't seen it available yet. Sorry if I'm impatient, I started L&M lesson 11 not long ago and thought that this would be helpful. Thanks, Greg
  3. This post is good timing for me. I've had a bad habit of squeezing the neck with my thumb since I started just over a year ago, causing a little (but tolerable) thumb pain. When I got to L&M Lesson 7 and barre chords, the pain became unbearable due to poor technique. I've been away for two weeks (more good timing?) and feel all healed up, so I'm going to pick the guitar back up tonight and continue with Lesson 7, while hopefully being able to practice without engaging my thumb so much.
  4. Hi All- My wife and I started the L&M course a year ago and have been lurking on this site since. I finally decided to join in. I'm getting close to finishing Lesson 6 and moving forward. I must admit that I didn't know what I was getting ourselves into when we started the course, but the time and effort that we've put in have been rewarding. I recently started the Speed & Agility Workouts as well. We own three guitars now and look forward to continuing our journey. I'm glad that I chose this course and have have this community to learn from. Greg

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