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  1. Mr Nelson sure asks tough but VERY good questions. My pencil erasers have become very worn just going through the "Ultimate How Music Works Quest" Quiz and worksheets. As usual some(lots) of it is over my head but thanks for the all the info Diane, it really helps. I think you are always spot on and timely with explanations that compliment my understanding of these concepts. I'm still trying to get around in Theory-Land and "Learn all I can"
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  2. @William Nelson You’re welcome, William. I confess that this was as esoteric to me as imaginary numbers until I needed it in my theory class. Our homework was to write some progressions in major and minor keys to practice the various cadences. I would draft them out first in pencil, then enter them in Finale, and hit playback. Eewww, what’s wrong, I thought, it sounds flat in places. An hour later, lightbulb: pigeonhead, you forgot to use harmonic minor. So I’d go back and sharpen all the sevenths — can’t do it in the key signature -- that’s how it works. After that, I’d write “HM: #7” in the margin where things went minor. Mistakes are good teachers.
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