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Finally!!  I got my slat boards up and the hangers attached.  This is going to be so nice!!!!  

If anyone is interested here they are, left to right:

1) Martin M-36

2) Gibson 325

3) PRS Santana

4) Fender Stratocaster

5) PRS Paul's (My favorite!!!)

6) Martin 000-15M

7) Seagull S6 Classic

8. PRS HB1

9) Yamaha Pacifica

10) PRS SE Santana


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@matonanjin Very impressive!  I’m jealous of your ability to have them displayed and not in their cases.  How are you managing the environment and why is Paul’s Guitar your favorite?   Thanks for posting.  

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@Plantsman13 managing the environment just by humidifier on our furnace and monitoring the humidity with a hygrometer in my cave.  So far, surprisingly,  the furnace humidifier is keeping the humidity at 45%.  I haven't watched it through a summer yet so I don't know if I will have to get a dehumidifier or not.  I didn't watch it last summer.  I should have. As damn humid as it is here in Nebraska I probably will.

Why is the Paul's my favorite?  A lot of it is the feel and, certainly, the playability.  It just plays so nice.  My first "nice" guitar was the Gibson 325, second from the left.  Steve played it on one of his live lessons from Gruhn Guitars.  Early in the lesson he commented on how nice it was.  And it is so gorgeous, I fell in love.  And I wanted something Steve played so the next morning I call Gruhn and bought it.  

But a while after that I was ready for another guitar and decided I wanted a PRS.  The only PRS dealer in the Omaha is actually on the other side of the river in Council Bluffs.  So I went there on a Saturday and the owner spent hours handing me guitars.  I don't know how many I tried but he handed me Paul's and it was instant love.  The first remarkable thing before I even played it was it is light.  With my back issues that is about the most important metric.  But it is so playable and over all just feels so great.   It immediately after getting home became my number 1.

Obviously I have bought other guitars over the years but it remains my number one.  I bought the HB 1 (hollow body) so I have a really light PRS, but I still prefer the Paul's.  I think most people on this forum know I'm a huge Santana fan.  I knew one day I would own a Santana signature and it would probably become my main guitar.  When that same dealer had a Santana come in I was there to try it immediately.  And, being a PRS, it played beautifully.  And, of course, I brought it home.  And I love it but the Paul's does remain #1.   I can't explain it beyond an indescribable, inexplainable 'feel".  Part of the problem with the Santana is it is heavy.  I can only play it sitting down.

I have to say, the Santana SE is really nice.  For anyone that doesn't know, the PRS "SE" line of guitars is their lower cost line of guitars made in Indonesia.  Not even considering that it is lower cost guitar, it plays really nice.  Of course it doesn't have feel of my core Santana but it is really nice.  It is hot!  I don't know what the difference is in pick-ups.  It's still dual humbuckers but every time I plug it in I have to turn the volume down on my amp!

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@matonanjin I am envious of anyone who can find their #1 guitar.  I have several electrics that don’t get much playing time owing to my infatuation with acoustic finger-style.  My acoustics are a tease when picking a #1 because they each bring something different to the room, be it body size, number of frets, or tone woods.  
Hats off to the wonderful space your lovely collection of guitars can now inhabit! 
Enjoy the ride,


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