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    About This File

    Download the PDF for this series here.

    How Music Works: Scales, Keys, Intervals & Chords

    Do you feel lost when the subject of scales or what notes make up a chord come up?

    These things are the building blocks of music, harmony and soloing.

    For the next few sessions, we'll be doing a short series on How Music Works.

    You'll learn...

    • What Notes are in Any Major Scale
    • How to Tell the Key of Any Song
    • Major and Minor Intervals
    • What Notes are in Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented Chords


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    I would just like to say that Steve Krenz is amazing.

    L&MG has a high enough purchase price that many that are looking for free tuition won't part with that much money. But - and it is a big but - Steve is the teacher that goes on giving and giving and giving. Not only do we get the live lessons but we also get the forum and these PDFs, some helpfully going over again so that we can make sure we really have understood, others extending what we have learned, and all that is before we get to additional materials, courses and weekends with Steve and other L&MG students that can be bought.

    Steve, I am sure that I am only one of hundreds or thousands of L&MG owners that have come to appreciate just a fraction of your generosity and teaching. Thank you.

    Response from the author:


    Thank you so much for your encouragement.  Yes, it's a lot of work putting all of these materials together.  But it's also a joy helping you and so many others out.

    I'm so glad you are part of our guitar family. - Steve

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    Joao Peneda

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    Some months ago I took some time to create a set of virtual worksheets based on those given in the Learn & Master Guitar Course. I did it for my own private use and training. That way I can do them as many times as I want, wherever I go, without needing to print a single sheet of paper or pulling out a pencil.

    Since Steve decided to create this set of lessons and workouts for everyone on the web (for which I'm much thankful), I thought that maybe it would be of use for anyone interested, just as a tool to practice and review these concepts.

    Hope it turns out to be as helpful for you as it is for me.


    http://bit.ly/GG-HMW01 - Diatonic Intervals

    http://bit.ly/GG-HMW02 - More Challenging Diatonic Intervals

    http://bit.ly/GG-HMW03 - Harmonic Intervals

    http://bit.ly/GG-HMW04 - The Most Important Harmonic Intervals

    http://bit.ly/GG-HMW05 - Ultimate Interval Challenge



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    I trust Steve 100%. By far one of the Best Teachers out there. First found him on Gibson Learn and Master,I loved the first,I bought Entire collection. My best memory,was at the Start,just got back playing since Teen yrs, Bought a Nice guitar. The way he taught felt so personal. He was like he was holding my hand,an encouraging me the whole time! Then..he put his foot on the Pedal an I panicked..lol. Also,A Solid Guy! APPRECIATE all he's done during the Mess of 2020.No one will forget,but he put a positive spin on it.. Thank you Steve 

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    · Edited by mmattsemail

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    Great, as always.

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