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Carlos and Me



For April first, a favorite thread, edited for flow, from the old forum in early 2017:

I was in love with my new PRS. I still am but there is something wrong with it. I have been primarily working pentatonic scales and Steve's Speed and Agility course since I got it. I decided to try to play Europa by Santana and it can't play it!!!! Europa by Santana. Come on. Santana is known for PRS guitars. Any self-respecting PRS guitar should be able to play Europa! What should I do?

-- Matonanjin


Maybe if you could get Santana to play the guitar than it would remember how to play.

-- Uncle Hammy


Sounds just like the problems I am having with my Strat. It won't play a darn thing that is in my brain.

-- Grog


I have a better idea, just send me the PRS, I have 14 guitars but don't have a PRS, it would be most appreciated!
Thanks in advance,
-- Dan Brown


Thanks guys -- you saved me. I was just about to buy a Clapton Custom Shop Strat. Now I am having second thoughts. 

-- Dave White 


Ron, you could send this guy a note. You’ll probably have to get past some suits, or whatever they’re called in La La Land these days. B| Good luck. 
Mr. C. Santana
c/o Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

-- Diane


Thanks, Diane. I will contact Mr. Santana. I'm sure he'll get right back to me. 

-- Matonanjin


Mr. Santana will pass the guitar to his tech who will declare it ready to play. I on the other hand will spend a great deal of time correcting its inability to play in your hands.

-- PatIAm 


Pat, I know that. The guitar is on the way to you and I sent you a tracking # by PM. I only said to Diane that I contacted Mr. Santana to make her feel like I appreciated her comment. But Sssshhh! Don't tell her. I don't want her to know.

 -- Matonanjin


OK. I understand your wanting to make Diane feel appreciated. She is indeed a wonderful person. We should just continue to talk behind her back in private.

-- Pat


Dear Carlos,
Sorry about the mixup with Ron's PRS. The problem was just the usual, operator error.
Good to see you on Tavis a while back. Anyway, have a safe trip down under this spring. Give my regards to Cindy. See you in Bethlehem in August.
cc: Ron, and most everyone on the internet


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Diane, as a follow up to this you will be interested, probably, to know that I did send the PRS to @PatIam for evaluation and he concurred it was, in fact, a faulty guitar.  I was very disappointed in how long it took him to determine this but I suspect he was just being thorough.  You know how meticulous Pat is!

So I did the next logical thing and bought another PRS guitar.  And guess what?!?!  It can't play Europa either!!!!:o:(   I have always heard such great things about PRS but perhaps I need to reevaluate this?   Two guitars in a row with this issue?  Sounds like a quality control issue.

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Ron, you might look into having OBD installed (On Board Diagnostics). These are some common error messages. — Diane

0000 Tuning error
0001 No root
0002 Wrong octave
0006 Wrong third
0008 Wrong guitarist
0101 Cowboy chord
0205 Unsympathetic wife/husband/dog
0222 Played through repeat sign
0224 Ignored modulation
0404 Note not found
0986 Cold hands
2000-4999 Miscellaneous operator error
5555 Power chord overflow
8005 Three sharps and two flats/full house
9998 Replace strings
9999 Replace operator

Edited by DianeB
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