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Sixth Anniversary



Who is next, Thalia?

     After Andrew, Barbara, Greg, Gregg with two gammas, Darin, Dave, and — Diane is next.

Is she asleep?

     She should be, it’s midnight below. Oh, no, you see? She’s with her guitar. Let us descend, dear Euterpe. This way. Ohhh, how delightful, this place is all for music. Did you see the inscriptions on the door? I think she knows of us.

Gaze upon her face, Thalia. These mortals can be so expressive. What is this music she makes?

     It is called “All Over the World”. It pleases her, as you can see.

And that pleases me, as well. How long have you watched over her?

     Six of their mortal years. To them, many heartbeats.

Is she faithful?

     Yes, my sister, and she respects her tutors.

Has she weaknesses?

     She is a mortal. She has many failings, and is prone to sorrow. As she sleeps, I sing to her of compassion. I know not if she hears.

She will hear. She will grow in this. Sorrow, you say. Have you sent anyone?

     Yes, the ones on our list. They take joy in one another. Behold the guitar gifted to her.

You have done well, sweet Thalia. This is as it should be. Then we are done here. Before we go, we shall bless this place. And who is next?

     Alpha, beta, gamma, delta — Doug, Dwayne. But shall we first attend to Paul? Arise, daughters of Zeus, to our — pbllllt! — to our duty.

You are amused?

     Forgive me, sister. But did you see her stockings?

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Just discovered your blogs. Delightful reading! Your wit, humility and humanity are inspiring Diane. I feel blessed to call you a friend.


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