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Found 6 results

  1. An area where Members can post there general questions for Master Guitar Tech Greg Voros, on guitar maintenance, repair, building, lutherie, strings, etc. (Please scan any previous questions/answers to avoid duplicate entries)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Download the FREE PDF 15 Ways to Master Scales on Guitar by clicking the "Download This File" button on the right. Learn all you can! Comment below with any questions!
  3. Over the years Steve Krenz has created some wonderful short video lessons and tips, called Guitar Tips, Guitar Tips of the Pros, and Tip of the Month. Here is a selection of those videos from YouTube; (in no particular order, titles are at the top of each video. Not a comprehensive list, so if you find others, feel free to add any not already inserted here) I hope you find them as useful and enjoyable as I have!
  4. How do we go about selecting a guitar shop / luthier to perform a setup or other work? This is a decision that can either go great or have unexpected serious negative consequences!!! Taylor Customer Service recommended that I play my new guitar a while before having a setup done. That was wise counsel that I should have heeded! I failed! That is good advice regardless of who manufactured your guitar. I selected a shop that has been in business for 45 years and is a Taylor dealer to go over a new Taylor 814ce Dlx very carefully . What I was left with is heartbreaking and un
  5. When? Live Lessons are held on Tuesday evenings, approximately every other week, at 7:00 pm Central Time (UTC-5). Fifteen minutes before broadcast a countdown screen will appear and the chat will be available. When they go on the air you will see the live broadcast. It will run about an hour. When they are off the air you can view previous Live Lessons. Where? You can watch on the Guitar Gathering YouTube channel here or by clicking the header at the top of this discussion forum. Steve officially transitioned to YouTube from Ustream on February 6, 2018. Is the topic announced
  6. Andrew Wasson delivers the formal explanation. The first 5 minutes of the video provide the essence, the rest is just promotional stuff. The second video is interesting because it provides correct observations with regard to the standard tuning itself. However, I know nothing about Eric Blackmon, and I wouldn’t call his explanation a formal one. In my mind it does not qualify as the correct one, but it does serve as a good supplement. Apparently, YouTube does not allow embedding of this video, so you will have to use the link itself. https://youtu.be/5hc7OJqQYaA

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