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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY MAY 12TH - PEDALS and CABLES AND GEAR OH MY! WHAT DOES THIS PEDAL DO? If you've got questions about what pedals do, what pedals do you need, or how something works, then let's get some answers. Steve will guide you through his gear, setting up a pedal board, and how each pedal sounds. WEDNESDAY WORKOUTS: MAY 13TH Tired of not being able to play barre chords? This three week series on Wednesday Workouts will guide you through... 1) Knowing Where to Put Your Chord 2) How to Form Each Chord Correctly 3) Strengthening the Fingers for Successful Barre Chords Bring your guitar and I'll guide you step by step as we play together. You can do it! Let's finally master these and move forward in your music! Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Dear Steve

    Thank you for your offer to email me the pdf file for your first lesson on triads.  Could you also go ahead and send me the other two pdf files as well?

    here is my email address:   noslowski@comcast.net

    Thanks again


    1. Steve Krenz

      Steve Krenz


      The second one on Minor chords should be done by tomorrow and the last one will be available next week.

      I'll email you the first triad PDF.

      Learn all you can! - Steve

  2. Thank to every one about the advice. I just wish I knew better back then. The guitar store I was talking about said all I needed was a fret job. And boy did they ever do one, hardly any metal left. Talk about a buzzing guitar. I stopped going there after that but it sure did cost me the loss of a guitar that I loved. Thanks again to everyone.
  3. Yes it was. The guitar store just cut off the old strings and put on the heaver ones. It buzzed after that. Then he told me it had to have a fret job. So I said ok. When I got it back it buzzed even worse and there were hardly any metal frets left, the were down to the wood. So I sold the guitar, it was a Black Beauty, that I loved.
  4. Thank you for responding ice9. My smallest string is 0.009 on my PRS custom 24. I am more use to heaver gauge strings, but I dont want my guitar ruined like my Les Paul was. Thanks
  5. When one changes the thickness of the strings on a guitar does the guitar have to re-set up just for them?

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